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Trevor Lawrence is widely considered to be the number one overall pick for this year's NFL Draft. Follow along to see the Black & White's picks!

The B&W’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft

By Quentin Corpuel April 21, 2021

The 2021 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and the Jacksonville Jaguars will have the first overall pick for the first time in franchise history. Barring a wild turn of events, the Jaguars will almost certainly...

B&W Sports Podcast #53: NBA MVP race + standings check-in

B&W Sports Podcast #53: NBA MVP race + standings check-in

By Quentin Corpuel April 20, 2021

Online managing editor Quentin Corpuel gives his top five NBA MVP candidates and breaks down the current NBA standings with about one month remaining in the regular season.

It's time to make the MLB more enjoyable and accessible to all.

Dear MLB, you have some serious problems

By John McGowan April 18, 2021

Since the start of the 21st century, the NFL and NBA have outshone the MLB in nearly every metric. There are many potential causes for this disparity. For instance, the MLB has failed miserably at attracting...

Many Whitman students participate in fantasy sports leagues every year, competing with friends and family in an effort to claim the league title.

Fantasy sports build traditions and bring competition at Whitman

By Daniel Miller April 14, 2021

The sense of responsibility that comes with being the general manager of your own team — drafting players, making roster moves and trying to keep yourself in contention to win it all — is certainly...

B&W Sports Podcast #51: Underrated NFL Draft prospects

B&W Sports Podcast #51: Underrated NFL Draft prospects

By Quentin Corpuel April 13, 2021

Feature writer Quentin Corpuel discusses five underrated 2021 NFL Draft prospects that he predicts will make a bigger impact in the NFL than expected.

Michael Dunn ('12) tackles his opponent. Dunn was recently signed to the Los Angeles Rams' practice squad, and his journey in the NFL continues.

Cleveland Browns guard Michael Dunn started his NFL career in Jerome M. Marco Stadium

By Rafe Epstein April 5, 2021

As Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield yells pre-snap audibles, guard Michael Dunn (’12) is lined up, ready to block Pro Bowl defensive linemen T.J. Watt. Dunn scans his surroundings: the bright...

These broadcasting alterations to the game provided a unique experience that helped make younger kids excited about watching football.

NFL on Nick: how professional sports leagues can attract the next generation of fans

By Eli Putnam March 11, 2021

If you happened to switch onto the Nickelodeon channel while watching TV on January 10, you might’ve been shocked by what you saw: the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears battling in the first round...

Baseball is the perfect pandemic sport because players can remain socially distanced with relative ease.

Rec baseball got me through COVID

By Felix Leonhardt February 1, 2021

I dug my cleats into the batter's box once again, flinching as a bit of dust snuck into my eye. There were two strikes in the count, and I refused to allow a third. As the pitcher delivered his next pitch,...

Ovechkin is the last of the great D.C. sports stars, and for a reason.

Last man standing: why Alex Ovechkin stays in D.C.

By Andrew Audas January 14, 2021

During the past decade, Washington has been home to some of the most captivating names in sports: Robert Griffin III was the 2012 NFL offensive rookie of the year, Bryce Harper was the 2010 National League...


The MLB postseason bubble is unfair

By Daniel Miller December 24, 2020

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, professional sports leagues including the NBA, MLB and NHL created so-called “bubble” leagues: isolated areas where leagues can monitor and test players while they...

Fall ball: how lacrosse players brought back their sport during a pandemic

Fall ball: how lacrosse players brought back their sport during a pandemic

By Rafe Epstein December 6, 2020

After receiving a pass from his teammate, attackman Dylan Vohra sprints towards the opponent’s goal. Sensing multiple defenders around him, he makes a quick jab step to advance closer, wraps his lacrosse...

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