The Black and White

Hot seats encourage unnecessary stress and contribute to Whitman’s already unrivaled competitive atmosphere.

Hot seats: it’s time to put out the fire

By Norah Rothman January 21, 2022

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity. “And the seventh and final person in the hot seat is … Norah!”  My eyes widened with panic, and I suddenly couldn’t catch my breath....

Teacher Feedback

Students’ voices matter: teachers would benefit from anonymous feedback

By William Hallward-Driemeier January 17, 2022

“Why do teachers even bother me with this?” I ask myself. “It’s not like they’re actually going to change their ways.” I can’t get this thought out of my head whenever I see an email in...

Happiness doesnt necessarily mean constant smiles, but Whitman administrators can still aim to increase grins by looking to the famous Yale course.

Bring well-being to Whitman: our school should offer a happiness class

By Sophie Hummel January 12, 2022

I try to find as much enthusiasm in my activities as possible; I enjoy running up and down the soccer field with my teammates during club practices, going out to eat or shop with friends and even simply...

MCPS needs to transition Whitman into virtual learning for two weeks — immediately.

MCPS needs to transition Whitman into virtual learning for two weeks — immediately.

By Editorial Staff January 4, 2022

Since our return to in-person school, Whitman students have, for the most part, managed to avoid a surge in coronavirus cases. We’ve worn our masks, stayed home during sickness and gotten tested when...

The shop Red Orchard, located in Wildwood Shopping Center, is an excellent local store to support in place of a large corporation.

It’s never too late: shop ethically this holiday season

By Eliana Joftus December 24, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with joy, family, celebration and gifts. For many, giving and receiving presents defines the holidays, creating an aura of excitement surrounding the...

For as popular as “Squid Game” has become in recent months, we need to recognize how its violence impacts viewers and what we can do to ensure that children are protected from this kind of media.

How “Squid Game” is desensitizing us to violence

By Iman Ilias December 6, 2021

The buzz is inescapable. Whether you’re overhearing classmates in the hallways, chatting with friends in the commons or scrolling through your “For You” page on TikTok, one television show seems...

Year after year, I am not only left confused by Shakespeares obscure words but am also left questioning why it’s vital for English classes to dedicate nearly a quarter of each academic year to analyzing his plays.

To teach Shakespeare, or not to teach Shakespeare, that is the question

By Norah Rothman December 5, 2021

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” my ninth grade English teacher recited, imitating a British accent as I made my way into class. I rolled my eyes, already dreading the next several weeks...

The rules were simple: leave your phone at home; grab your backpack, hiking boots and three pairs of socks; and get ready to challenge your mind and body like never before.

More than “bear”able: my experience backpacking in the Alaskan wilderness

By Lauren Heberlee December 1, 2021

Only a ripple of water trails behind the rutter of my 20-foot long sea kayak. My sunkissed knuckles clutch my paddle tightly, my hands blistered from the repetitive left-right motion needed to propel my...

Battling an issue as large as sexual abuse begins with educating those in power.

We need sweeping changes to MCPS’ staff training against sexual abuse

By Sophie Hummel November 30, 2021

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity. Students should focus on learning their course material rather than finding routes in the hallways that allow them to avoid the teacher who makes...

The series Sex Education provides more than just comedy; the show gives young people authentic ways of viewing themselves on screen.

Netflix’s hit comedy “Sex Education” is more than just entertainment for teens

By Eliana Joftus November 24, 2021

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity. Season three of Netflix’s British teen comedy “Sex Education” premiered on Sept. 17. The series follows awkward high school student Otis Milburn,...

Its long past time to stop equating teenagers to Vikings. Whitman needs a new mascot: the Bards.

The “Vikings” has to go: Whitman needs a new mascot

By William Hallward-Driemeier November 12, 2021

A momentary hush falls over the crowd as the soccer ball rolls towards the goal; a playoff run is on the line. The ball squeaks past an outstretched goalie. “Let’s go Vikes!” the crowd erupts....

The series The Owl House, which Disney foolishly cancelled over the summer, is more than just entertaining; it helps to normalize queerness in children’s media.

The Owl House deserves better

By Maya Goelman November 3, 2021

Searching for a television show that my two younger sisters and I can all enjoy is never an easy feat, especially considering there’s an age gap of almost seven years between me and the youngest. There's...

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