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When classrooms become a boys’ club

By Hannah Feuer

December 12, 2017

Girls are told from a young age that being “well-behaved” means being quiet and polite, while for boys, being assertive is deemed more acceptable. The result: while males hold up their hands, females fall into the background.

‘One size fits all’ clothing is unrealistic

By Ella Atsavapranee

December 12, 2017

When manufacturers only make one size, they fail to consider the reality that women come in all different heights, weights and body types.

Increase learning, make foreign languages fun again

By Katherine Sylvester

November 29, 2017

I didn’t take Spanish, but it seemed to me that I was witnessing a metamorphosis—the Spanish 4 crowd had undergone a rapid transition from sluggish students to excited learners.

Lift the college app burden: mandate homework-free weekends

By Elisa McCartin and Michelle Silver

November 17, 2017

It’s unfair for students to have to make these choices; both schoolwork and college applications are necessary components of a student’s high school experience. It’s essential that students are given ample time to complete their applications, which are a milestone in any student’s academic career.

Students need more spots to study during lunch

By Ella Atsavapranee

November 17, 2017

But when the media center is closed for classes or testing, it’s difficult to find a quiet place to study. The cafeteria and hallways are usually too crowded and hectic to serve as a study space because students constantly walk around and socialize.

College isn’t the only option: let’s acknowledge that

By Maddy Frank

November 15, 2017

These people seemed so happy, yet they hadn’t accomplished what I had assumed was the end goal of all my hard work: college- a crucial link in the chain of my plan.

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