The Black and White

MCPS should reform its methodology so that semester letter grades are based on the numerical average of students’ quarter percentage scores, and it should begin allowing pupils to earn pluses and minuses.

MCPS: Deflate grade inflation and reform the grading system

By William Hallward-Driemeier May 22, 2022

Picture this: one student earns a grade of 100% in a class during the first quarter, and another perfect grade in that class during the second quarter. A second student receives an 89.5% in one quarter...

While ballet is no longer a part of my life, I still see a ballerina in the mirror.

Slipping into the toxic culture of ballet

By Stephanie Solomon April 7, 2022

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to negative body image and eating disorders.   The reflection in the mirror wasn’t mine. Staring at this altered image of myself,...

A music requirement in MCPS has the potential to improve students’ wellbeing and work habits.

End students’ days on a high note: MCPS should make music education mandatory

By Norah Rothman March 27, 2022

When I was signing up for my freshman year classes three years ago, there was one graduation requirement that stood out to me: MCPS’ mandatory art credit. Knowing that I would have to get it over with...

Its long past time for American lawmakers to implement common sense gun restrictions. Students can help make this happen.

Whitman students: demand action on gun safety

By Sophie Hummel March 13, 2022

Oxford High School sophomore Max Reed remembers November 30, 2021, as if it were yesterday. His morning began like it was any other weekday. He enjoyed breakfast with his friends in the school cafeteria...

No amount of money is enough to make rampant abuse on school grounds acceptable.

It’s been 10 years too long. Vike-A-Thon needs to go.

By Eliana Joftus March 8, 2022

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to sexual assault and drug use. Students’ names have been changed for anonymity.  As a freshman, junior Lacey put all of her energy into...

As a child, my parents never cooked dinner for me. So I took matters into my own hands.

A recipe for success: How cooking helped me take control of my life

By Samie Travis February 28, 2022

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. I watch as the numbers on the microwave tick down and hear the three loud beeps that have been ingrained in my mind, signaling that my meal is done. I grab my pesto tortellini,...

Junior Sonya Rashkovan attends a concert in Ukraine for the countrys Independence Day in 2018.

There’s more to Ukraine than an imminent invasion

By Sonya Rashkovan February 21, 2022

“Sonya, how are you doing?”  “Can you stay after class?”  “Can you explain the situation in Ukraine to me?”  As one of the few Ukrainian students at Whitman, my teachers and classmates...

The NFL has to change their overtime rules. Here’s how.

By Alex Weinstein February 14, 2022

As a roller coaster of an NFL season comes to a close, there are still a few lingering questions heading into the offseason. Where will Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson be playing next season? Is Aaron...

Delay School Start Time

MCPS: Listen to pediatricians and push back high school start times

By William Hallward-Driemeier February 12, 2022

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. Snooze. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. Snooze. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. Snooze. My alarm clock’s vicious cycle starts off my weekday mornings. It’s a little after 6 a.m., and I am too groggy to accept that...

When COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County reached a peak in January, MCPS leaders let down the community in several ways.

MCPS’ COVID-19 policies are worse than you realize

By Matt Eisner February 5, 2022

To sum it up in one word, MCPS leaders’ response to the recent surge in local COVID-19 cases has been a disaster. Maryland officials first detected the omicron variant in the state in late November....

Hot seats encourage unnecessary stress and contribute to Whitman’s already unrivaled competitive atmosphere.

Hot seats: it’s time to put out the fire

By Norah Rothman January 21, 2022

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity. “And the seventh and final person in the hot seat is … Norah!”  My eyes widened with panic, and I suddenly couldn’t catch my breath....

Teacher Feedback

Students’ voices matter: teachers would benefit from anonymous feedback

By William Hallward-Driemeier January 17, 2022

“Why do teachers even bother me with this?” I ask myself. “It’s not like they’re actually going to change their ways.” I can’t get this thought out of my head whenever I see an email in...

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