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Despite the disappointing season, a packed fall-winter film season is rapidly approaching.

The Black & White’s top 5 movies to see before 2023

By Ben Lammers November 22, 2022

This year has been turbulent for film. However, 2022 started with a bang, with box office successes “Top Gun: Maverick” and “The Batman,” followed by indie darlings like “On the Count of Three.”...

The only way to combat these offenses is for Whitman students and the soccer fans across the world that hold this sport together to unite and boycott the 2022 World Cup.

It’s time to stop ignoring corruption and abuse: boycott the 2022 World Cup

By Josefina Masjuan November 20, 2022

The world is holding its breath. A colorful ball flies through the air in what seems to be slow-motion before slotting perfectly in the top-right corner of the goal. Moments later, lights flash, celebratory...

The fascinating take on modern media depicts child stars who go to extreme lengths to stay relevant in today’s online mecca and exposes the darker side of Hollywood that lends itself to the poor treatment of faded stars.

Movie Review: “Nope” shines a spotlight on the dark side of Hollywood

By Jacob Palo November 19, 2022

“Nope” is the latest film to emerge from director Jordan Peele’s creatively dark mind following his directorial debut in 2017 with “Get Out.” The movie further reinforces his abilities as a horror...

The Ouija Board has fascinated people since its invention in the late 1800s, with roots in divination tools like tarot cards and the I Ching, which both purportedly tap into influence beyond consciousness.

I believe in ghosts. Here’s why.

By Kiara Pearce October 31, 2022

Don’t taunt the dead. If there’s one thing I learned from my paranormal experience, it’s that. As well as the importance of completing thorough research on whether the train tracks you take pictures...

Pictured: Taqueria Habanero’s taco de lengua (right) and taco barbacoa (left).

Es hora de comer: a taste of Hispanic Heritage Month in the DMV

By Lucia Gutierrez October 10, 2022

Each year from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, we celebrate the influence and contributions of generations of Hispanic-Americans through Hispanic Heritage Month. Throughout the month, various festivals, concerts...

Come August and January, the joy of Restaurant Week arrives in the Washington Metropolitan area, showcasing a diverse selection of local cuisine. This unique week presents the perfect opportunity for foodies and tourists alike to explore different cultures through a well-rounded culinary experience.

The yummiest time of the year: eating up D.C. Restaurant Week

By Lucia Gutierrez September 7, 2022

Some crave the excitement of opening presents on Christmas day or on each night of Hanukkah, while others look forward to their summer vacation after a long, tiresome school year. I, however, desperately...

For her third tour, Lorde made a conscious choice to book small, intimate venues. Prioritizing a tight-knit community of fans over profit, she utilized the smaller venues to make the show feel more personal.

Concert review: Lorde illuminates D.C. with Solar Power Tour

By Kate Rodriguez and Natalie Easley September 5, 2022

Four years after her last D.C. performance, Lorde returned to The Anthem’s stage on August 29 on tour for her album “Solar Power.” The 25-year-old artist was originally scheduled to play at the venue...

As the Supreme Court threatens to turn a 50-year-old precedent into a distant memory, how do we teach future generations about decades of progress towards protecting reproductive rights in this nation? 

Roe is gone. How can we help future generations?

By Eliana Joftus June 29, 2022

Content warning: this story contains language that pertains to sexual assault.  On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, paving the way for states to restrict or eliminate the reproductive...

Fans each brought their own experiences and emotions to the concert, and could find solace in her messages even if the lyrics weren’t directly applicable to their circumstances. Bridgers channels the emotions of the crowd through the pure passion that she brings to her shows.

Concert review: Phoebe Bridgers at The Anthem

By Kate Rodriguez and Natalie Easley June 23, 2022

“I hate you for what you did. And I miss you like a little kid.” The iconic lyrics from Phoebe Bridgers’ hit song “Motion Sickness” echo throughout The Anthem concert hall as the 26-year-old...

It soon became clear that certain factors were within my control, like how much time I spent studying for a test or the people I chose to become friends with, and that stressing out over things that were out of my control wasn’t productive. Instead, I found peace in accepting the chaos.

How I learned to let go: my experience with the floating rock mentality

By Natalie Easley June 19, 2022

My phone pings with a notification from the Canvas app, alerting me that my Chemistry grade is available to view. After solving practice problems and reviewing terms, I felt as prepared as I could be for...

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a chaotically entertaining film and the directors’ courage to be boldly absurd pays off immensely.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”: weird in all the right ways

By Jacob Cowan June 14, 2022

On paper, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a terrible idea for a movie: a low-budget absurdist film that attempts to tackle the multiverse with slapstick humor. Toss in aggressive visuals, convoluted...

Whitman teachers should capitalize on the leeway in MCPS’ curriculum to incorporate other mediums of education into English classes.

Whitman teachers: expand beyond just the books

By Jacob Cowan June 5, 2022

“A perfect world is never perfect, only filled with lies. Promises are broken and more resentment come alive. Race barriers make inferior of you and I. See, in a perfect world, I'll choose faith over...

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