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MCPS should allow younger students to reap the benefits of foreign language classes.

MCPS: expand foreign language classes to elementary school students

By Norah Rothman October 10, 2021

My Spanish 5 teacher walks around the classroom and, with a hopeful tone, asks our class, “¿Alguien sabe la respuesta a esta pregunta?” Does anyone know the answer to this question?  Eyes dart...

MCPS should ramp up their efforts to protect the community from coronavirus. That starts with a vaccination requirement for high school students.

MCPS: extend the staff vaccine mandate to high school students

By William Hallward-Driemeier October 3, 2021

On September 23, Chicago parent Shenitha “Angel” Curry passed away from COVID-19 complications after her unvaccinated daughter was exposed to the virus at her elementary school. That same day, Christopher...

Giving wealthier students the comfort to apply early blocks other equally qualified students from the opportunities higher education provides.

Colleges and universities: eliminate early decision

By Eliana Joftus September 16, 2021

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity.  For many high school seniors, mid-December brings more than festive holiday celebrations and mugs of hot chocolate; it’s that time of the year...

Women in Texas have just lost their right to choose. A war against American women is underway, and it is our responsibility to fight back.

Let’s talk about women’s rights: the Texas abortion restrictions affect us all

By Sophie Hummel September 13, 2021

On September 1, Texas passed the strictest anti-abortion law since the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a woman’s right to reproductive choice. The new legislation, which took effect...

Eerkins Uyghur Cuisine doesn’t limit its cultural exhibition to the walls. Uyghur artifacts rest on shelves between tables.

An explosion of culture: Eerkin’s Uyghur Cuisine brings to life a suppressed heritage

By Iman Ilias September 5, 2021

Everywhere you look around Eerkin’s Uyghur Cuisine, paintings of Uyghur traditions line the walls, bringing to life a culture that is disappearing. Women with headscarves draped around them, men playing...

Ill admit it: I love pop quizzes. Regardless of their almost exclusively negative reputation, the incentive they provide me to stay on top of my schoolwork is unparalleled.

For that extra “pop” in school, bring back pop quizzes

By William Hallward-Driemeier June 11, 2021

“Everyone clear your desk,” the teacher announces. “We have a pop quiz.” In a predictable fashion, the entire class groans. One lone student, however, stands out from the rest: me. I whisper,...

Increase inclusivity: Keep national extracurricular competitions virtual

Increase inclusivity: Keep national extracurricular competitions virtual

By William Hallward-Driemeier June 5, 2021

“It’s just too expensive.” Last year, when I discussed national debate tournaments with my Public Forum teammates, they would often admit that the high cost of each event limited the number of...

Songwriting allows me to express sentiments that would otherwise remain trapped in my mind.

Songwriting like Taylor Swift will never go out of style

By Norah Rothman June 2, 2021

On September 8, 2013 — my 9th birthday — I was given a bright red CD player and, coincidentally, Taylor Swift’s album “Red.” Immediately after receiving the gifts, I spent hours dancing and singing...

The current SMOB election system doesnt represent all of MCPS fairly. To help fix this, a primary should be held by each high school to encourage a wider variety of students to participate.

MCPS: Reform the SMOB election process

By Marko Freund May 29, 2021

On April 22, I clicked on an unassuming link on Canvas. My SMOB election ballot flashed onto the screen — and instantly left me in shock. Why did both candidates come from Richard Montgomery High School?...

This is the pandemic reality of living with parents who are doctors. Until vaccinations became available, anxiety surrounding contracting coronavirus consumed me.

How I coped with living as a child of two doctors during the pandemic

By Norah Rothman May 22, 2021

At 5:30 p.m. — right on cue — I hear the crank of the garage door open from my bedroom; my parents are home from work. Before March of 2020, I would run downstairs and embrace each of them in a hug...

While moving away is a necessary decision for me to make, it is still painful. It hurts to see someone I had admired greatly — the creator of something I once loved so much — represent something I hate so much.

Why I’m letting go of Harry Potter

By Maya Goelman May 20, 2021

From the ages of nine to 13, I based my bedroom decorations on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hogwarts house decals covered my walls, and a platform 9 ¾ sign hung on my door. My magic wand from...

I’m not a sports lover, but I love my sport

I’m not a sports lover, but I love my sport

By Iman Ilias May 19, 2021

I am not a sports buff, to say the very least. My peers always chose me last for scrimmages in gym class. I didn’t grow up watching sports, and even today I don’t tune into football or baseball games...

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