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The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

The Black and White

The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

The Black and White


The Black & White Online has been the online counterpart to The Black & White print edition since 2003. The Black & White print edition first came out in 1963. Below is a list of The Black & White’s past editors.

Black & White Online Past Editors

Volume 62 (2023–24)

Editor-in-Chief: Harper Barnowski
Managing Editor: Jacob Cowan
Managing Editor: Maddie Kaltman
Managing Editor: Josefina Masjuan

Volume 61 (2022–23)

Editor-in-Chief: Ethan Schenker
Managing Editor: Sonya Rashkovan
Managing Editor: Stephanie Solomon

Volume 60 (2021–22)

Editor-in-Chief: Lily Freeman
Managing Editor: Quentin Corpuel
Managing Editor: Caitlin Cowan

Volume 59 (2020–21)

Editor-in-Chief: Taylor Haber
Managing Editor: Matt Mande
Managing Editor: Jocie Mintz

Volume 58 (2019–20)

Editor-in-Chief: Dana Herrnstadt
Managing Editor: Ally Navarrete
Managing Editor: Anna Yuan

Volume 57 (2018–19)
Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Mande
Managing Editor: Hannah Feuer
Managing Editor: Rebecca Hirsh

Volume 56 (2017–18)
Editor-in-Chief: Lily Friedman
Managing Editor: Tiger Bjornlund
Managing Editor: Valerie Akinyoyenu

Volume 55 (2016–17)
Editor-in-Chief: Jason Grill
Managing Editor: Anna McGuire
Managing Editor: Avery Muir

Volume 54 (2015–16)
Editor-in-Chief: Caleb Friedman
Managing Editor: Will Arnesen
Editor-at-Large: Naba Khan

Volume 53 (2014–15)
Editor-in-Chief: Julia Pearl-Schwartz
Managing Editor: Scott Singer

Volume 52 (2013–14)
Editor-in-Chief: Julia Medine
Managing Editor: Emily Baker

Volume 51 (2012–13)
Editor-in-Chief: Carolyn Freeman
Managing Editor: Rachel Lang

Volume 50 (2011–12)
Editor-in-Chief: Lucy Chen

Volume 49 (2010–11)
Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie Haven
Managing Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Volume 48 (2009–10)
Editor-in-Chief: Surbhi Agrawal
Managing Editors: Jenny Baldwin and Eleanor Katz

Volume 47  (2008–09)
Editor-in-Chief: Maureen Saylor
Managing Editor: Alex Edelman

Volume 46 (2007–08)
Editor-in-Chief: Eliza Kern*
Managing Editor: Alex Sopko
Editor-at-Large: Jessica Kahlenberg

Volume 45  (2006–07)
Editor-in-Chief: Emily Graham*
Managing Editor: Sam Epstein
Editor-at-Large: Wendy Dickieson

Volume 44 (2005–06)
Editor-in-Chief: Nate Freeman*
Managing Editor: Jessie Sobrino
Editor-at-Large: Ashwin Shandilya

Volume 43 (2004–05)
Editor-in-Chief: Martha Marrazza*
Managing Editor: Laura Robbins

Volume 42 (2003–04)
Editor-in-Chief: Zach Werner*
Managing Editor: Suchi Mathur

Black & White Print Past Editors

Volume 62 (2023–24)
Editor-in-Chief: Kate Rodriguez
Managing Editor: Dani Klein
Managing Editor: Grace Roddy

Volume 61 (2022–23)
Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Heberlee
Managing Editor: Simone Meyer
Managing Editor: Samie Travis

Volume 60 (2021–22)
Editor-in-Chief: Kendall Headley
Managing Editor: Alex Schupak
Managing Editor: Tara Davoodi

Volume 59 (2020–21)
Editor-in-Chief: Sammy Heberlee
Managing Editor: Holly Adams
Managing Editor: Emily London

Volume 58 (2019–20)
Editor-in-Chief: Alex Robinson
Managing Editor: Max London
Managing Editor: Katie Hanson

Volume 57 (2018–19)
Editor-in-Chief: Eva Herscowitz
Managing Editor: Jessica Buxbaum
Managing Editor: Eric Neugeboren

Volume 56 (2017–18)
Editor-in-Chief: Carmen Molina
Managing Editor: Sam Shiffman
Managing Editor: Amy Nankin

Volume 55 (2016–17)
Editor-in-Chief: Josh Millin
Managing Editor: Rachel Friedman
Managing Editor: Norell Sherman

Volume 54 (2015–16)
Editor-in-Chief: Margot Dionne
Managing Editor: Trevor Lystad
Editor-at-Large: Spencer Adams

Volume 53 (2014–15)
Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Friedman
Managing Editor: Tyler Jacobson
Editor-at-Large: Kelley Czajka

Volume 52 (2013–14)
Editor-in-Chief: Jacob Cutler
Managing Editor: Emily Harburg
Editor-at-Large: Ben Zimmermann

Volume 51 (2012–13)
Editor-in-Chief: Isaac Rubin
Managing Editor: Liam Knox
Editor-at-Large: Zach Fuchs

Volume 50 (2011–12)
Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Cutler
Managing Editor: Melanie Goldberg
Editor-at-Large: Maryam Abutaleb

Volume 49 (2010–11)
Editor-in-Chief: Jamie Norwood
Managing Editor: Rachel Lerner
Editor-at-Large: Jessica Gelfarb

Volume 48 (2009–10)
Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Craig
Managing Editor: Victoria Scordato

Volume 47 (2008–09)
Editor-in-Chief: Julia Deutsch
Managing Editor: Ben Wolcott
Editor-at-Large: Jackie Kantor

Volume 46 (2007–08)
Editor-in-Chief: Eliza Kern*
Managing Editor: Caroline Mattey
Editor-at-Large: Ryo Ishida

Volume 45 (2006–07)
Editor-in-Chief: Emily Graham*
Managing Editor: Maddie Koines
Editor-at-Large: Xiaoqi Zhu

Volume 44 (2005–06)
Editor-in-Chief: Nate Freeman*
Managing Editor: Cindy Kahlenberg
Editor-at-Large: Dan Kagan-Kans

Volume 43 (2004–05)
Editor-in-Chief: Martha Marrazza*
Managing Editor: Elizabeth Mattey
Editor-at-Large: Aaron Walker

Volume 42 (2003–04)
Editor-in-Chief: Zach Werner*
Managing Editor: Debbie Theodore
Editor-at-Large: Alanna Kaufman

Volume 41 (2002–03)
Editor-in-Chief: Caitlin Horn
Managing Editor: Daniel Jasnow
Editor-at-Large: Neir Eshel

Volume 40 (2001–02)
Editor-in-Chief: Lance Kramer
Managing Editor: Karen Hauptman
Editor-at-Large: Katie Kaplan

Volume 39 (2000–01)
Editor-in-Chief: Elisabeth Theodore
Managing Editor: Missy Robbins
Editor-at-Large: Simon Chin

Volume 38 (1999–00)
Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Horn
Managing Editor: Tim Cassedy-Blum

Volume 37 (1998–99)
Editor-in-Chief: Amy Cain
Managing Editor: Jacob Kurlander

Volume 36 (1997–98)
Editor-in-Chief: Sugi Ganeshananthan
Managing Editor: Michael Horn

Volume 35 (1996–97)
Editor-in-Chief: Alex Eule
Managing Editor: Ben Geldon

Volume 34 (1995–96)
Editor-in-Chief: Susie Freeman
Managing Editor: Mackenzie Warren

Volume 33 (1994–95)
Editor-in-Chief: Marisa Katz
Managing Editor: Katie Steele

Volume 32 (1993–94)
Editor-in-Chief: Alexandra Robbins
Managing Editor: Sarah Klitenic

Volume 31 (1992–93)
Editor-in-Chief: Gabe Alkon
Managing Editor: Brandon Garrett
Executive Editor: Jed Weiss

Volume 30 (1991–92)
Editor-in-Chief: Ted Wolf
Managing Editor: Eunice Kang

Volume 29 (1990–91)
Editor-in-Chief: Derek Thurber
Managing Editor: Patricia Wong

Volume 28 (1989–90)
Editor-in-Chief: Michael Brodsky
Managing Editor: Joe Caterini
Assistant Managing Editor: Mary Roberts

Volume 27 (1988–89)
Editor-in-Chief: Dan Frechtling
Managing Editor: Todd Sisitsky
Assistant Managing Editor: Rebecca Edelson

Volume 26 (1987–88)
Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Wilcox
Managing Editor: Albert Yu
Assistant Managing Editor: Loren Edelson

Volume 25 (1986–87)
Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Herman
Managing Editor: Harris Solomon
Assistant Managing Editor: Todd Waldman

Volume 24 (1985–86)
Editor-in-Chief: Tom Curley
Managing Editor: Jed Gorden
Assistant Managing Editor: David Gordon

Volume 23 (1984–85)
Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Muller
Managing Editor: Eric Namrow
Assistant Managing Editor: Jonathan Bank

Volume 22 (1983–84)
Editor-in-Chief: John Heyde
Managing Editor: Beth Solomon
Assistant Managing Editor: Debbie Dworski

Volume 21 (1982–83)
Editor-in-Chief: Beth Horen
Managing Editor: Brad Nordheimer
Assistant Managing Editor: Susan Wise

Volume 20 (1981–82)
Editor-in-Chief: Andi Vayda
Managing Editor: Robin Atlas
Assistant Managing Editors: Drew Lindsay and Joel Rappaport

Volume 19 (1980–81)
Editor-in-Chief: Stacy Mason
Managing Editor: Evan Smith
Assistant Managing Editor: Brian Thomson

Volume 18 (1979–80)
Editor-in-Chief: Kahane Corn
Managing Editor: Julie Evans
Assistant Managing Editor: Mara Liss

Volume 17 (1977–78)
Editor-in-Chief: Peter Wiernicki
Managing Editor: Beth Schwinn
Assistant Managing Editor: Une Lee

Volume 16 (1977–78)
Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Smith
Managing Editor: Carol Lee Berlinsky
Assistant Managing Editor: Andrew Karr

Volume 15 (1976–77)
Editor-in-Chief: Paul Check
Managing Editor: Thomas Frank
Associate Editors: John Rubino and Jonathan Spaeth

Volume 14 (1975–76)
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Berke
Managing Editor: Eric Sinrod
Associate Editors: Jonathan Reiskin and Andy Birnbaum

Volume 13 (1974–75)
Editor-in-Chief: Tom Kettler
Managing Editor: Mike Ross
Associate Editor: Andrew Walsh

Volume 12 (1973–74)
Editor-in-Chief: Paul Tuchman
Managing Editor: Cathy Trainor

Volume 11 (1972–73)
Editor-in-Chief: Marc Nelson
Managing Editor: Jane Birnbaum

Volume 10 (1971–72)
Editor-in-Chief: Steven Marans

Volume 9 (1970–71)

Editor-in-Chief: Mark Stambler
Managing-News Editor: Debbie Bernstein
Associate Editor: Michael Rubino

Volume 8 (1969–70)
Editor-in-Chief: Rob Horwitz
Managing Editor: John Knodell
Associate Editor: David Meadows

Volume 7 (1968–69)
Editor-in-Chief: Robert King
Managing Editor: Susan Burk

Volume 6 (1967–68)
Editor-in-Chief: Dan Reifsnyder
Managing Editor: Stephen Harris

Volume 5 (1966–67)
Editor-in-Chief: Barbara Yondorf

Volume 4 (1965–66)
Editor-in-Chief: Karen Nelson
Assistant Editor: Laura Hersh

Volume 3 (1964–65)
Editor-in-Chief: Peggy Pohlenz

Volume 2 (1963–64)
Editor-in-Chief: Peggy Ward
Managing Editor: Jean Rabinow

Volume 1 (1963)
Editor-in-Chief: Peggy Ward
Assistant Editor: Jean Rabinow

*Editor-in-Chief of both the online and print editions