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The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

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“Art History is more than just another credit

“Art History” is more than just another credit

By Kate Rodriguez September 12, 2023

Nearly every family trip I’ve ever been on has included a visit to an art museum. Or two. Or ten. For years, my parents would drag my brother and I from one piece of modern art to the next, praising...

Another Mans Cloth, by artist El Anatsui

How the Rubell Museum changed my view of contemporary art

By Grace Roddy September 7, 2023

Thousands of liquor bottle labels and shards piled up, each intricately woven and sculptured within a textile. Crumpled and folded metal pieces sourced a recycling station from sculptor El Anatsui’s...

I’m proud of my fishing hobby — here’s why

I’m proud of my fishing hobby — here’s why

By Ben Lammers September 5, 2023

It’s a hot mid-afternoon summer day. I sit on my dock in Cambridge, Maryland, the overwhelming heat of the sun reflecting off the river and beaming onto my skin. I carefully dart a grub lure across the...

He often has an iced coffee or donut waiting for me, and we chat for a few minutes, catching each other up on our plans for the day. As I leave my dad’s classroom, I notice a few stares and whispers from my peers, targeted at my appearance in his room. 

My experience as the child of a Whitman teacher

By Nicole Kenah August 30, 2023

At 7:30 a.m., I make my way into Whitman, waving goodbye to my mom as she pulls out of the carpool lane. My routine every day is the same. I greet my friends, go over last-minute preparations for whatever...

While supporting the players, excited to do my part for the team, I can’t help but notice the unmistakably judgemental looks from the crowd. Being a female football manager is a recipe for the wrong kind of attention.

The harsh reality of being a female football manager

By Deirdre Pryal June 15, 2023

As the Friday night lights beam onto the football field, the routine to aid the football players begins: filling water bottles, carrying equipment and creating graphics for social media. Hype music blares...

I developed new habits like skipping breakfast on weekends and excessively exercising. I convinced myself that there was nothing wrong. Eventually, I began to skip breakfast every day, ignoring the constant growling of my stomach and neglecting my body’s needs.

How intuitive eating helped heal my relationship with food

By Anonymous June 13, 2023

As my annual team banquet draws near, my pre-celebration preparation process begins: blowing out my hair, applying makeup and finally, putting on the dress. As I slip into the bright blue fabric, I ask...

Throughout middle school, I constantly worried about the morality behind my actions and how God would feel about them. Anxiety was the sole basis of my religion; I didn’t pray because I wanted to but out of fear.

Learning to follow Judaism out of love, not fear

By Rebecca Waldman May 29, 2023

At 11 years old, I sat at my synagogue’s annual Rosh Hashanah service, my eyes floating through the room, focused on anything but the bema. My feet swung impatiently beneath me as my fingers traced the...

As people cultivate a passion for the adventure of life, this includes adventuring into new cuisines.

Eating outside my comfort zone: How spicing up my palate spiced up my life

By Lucia Gutierrez March 16, 2023

“My favorite food is spicy cow tongue.”  My second-grade lunch table momentarily froze before bursting into a chorus of laughs, and “ew’s.” I knew that my spicy beef tongue leftovers stood...

Spectators and coaches can get into a mindset of invincibility, in which their words don’t have consequences, and referees are objects to boss around.

Calling the shots

By Ian Cooper March 14, 2023

Defenders backpedal as the soccer ball arcs above them, falling to the foot of the striker. He shoots, scores, and his teammates surround him in celebration — until I raise my flag. I signal to the...

While 2022 wasn’t perfect, as no year can be, it marked an important transition to a post-pandemic society.

Forget the Grammys. Here are The Black & White’s best albums of 2022.

By Jacob Cowan February 5, 2023

Coming off of the fever dream that was 2020 and 2021, we were all cautiously optimistic, hoping 2022 would be a year of healing, and perhaps even a mark return to an inkling of normalcy. While 2022 wasn’t...

The words “gay” and “girly” unsurprisingly continue to follow me, but I understand now that those juvenile claims are part of a larger pattern of people denying other men’s masculinity to assert their own.

Boys dance too: My experience as a male ballet dancer

By Jacob Cowan January 22, 2023

This story was published in print in December 2022.  The faint sound of pointe shoes echoes through a narrow walkway as I begin to ascend a set of stairs. With each step, the soft tapping crescendos...

As the seasonal depression sinks in and intrusive thoughts flood my mind, my love for skiing is my lantern in the dark.

Skiing the stress away: How embracing the winter helped my seasonal depression

By Maddie Kaltman January 18, 2023

My toes are numb, my legs bruised and sore and my eyes are burning in the bright yellow sun. But here — flying downhill against the blustery wind — is where I’m at my happiest. Waking up at 5 a.m....

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