The Black and White

While ballet is no longer a part of my life, I still see a ballerina in the mirror.

Slipping into the toxic culture of ballet

By Stephanie Solomon April 7, 2022

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to negative body image and eating disorders.   The reflection in the mirror wasn’t mine. Staring at this altered image of myself,...

As a child, my parents never cooked dinner for me. So I took matters into my own hands.

A recipe for success: How cooking helped me take control of my life

By Samie Travis February 28, 2022

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. I watch as the numbers on the microwave tick down and hear the three loud beeps that have been ingrained in my mind, signaling that my meal is done. I grab my pesto tortellini,...

Junior Sonya Rashkovan attends a concert in Ukraine for the countrys Independence Day in 2018.

There’s more to Ukraine than an imminent invasion

By Sonya Rashkovan February 21, 2022

“Sonya, how are you doing?”  “Can you stay after class?”  “Can you explain the situation in Ukraine to me?”  As one of the few Ukrainian students at Whitman, my teachers and classmates...

For as popular as “Squid Game” has become in recent months, we need to recognize how its violence impacts viewers and what we can do to ensure that children are protected from this kind of media.

How “Squid Game” is desensitizing us to violence

By Iman Ilias December 6, 2021

The buzz is inescapable. Whether you’re overhearing classmates in the hallways, chatting with friends in the commons or scrolling through your “For You” page on TikTok, one television show seems...

The rules were simple: leave your phone at home; grab your backpack, hiking boots and three pairs of socks; and get ready to challenge your mind and body like never before.

More than “bear”able: my experience backpacking in the Alaskan wilderness

By Lauren Heberlee December 1, 2021

Only a ripple of water trails behind the rutter of my 20-foot long sea kayak. My sunkissed knuckles clutch my paddle tightly, my hands blistered from the repetitive left-right motion needed to propel my...

The series Sex Education provides more than just comedy; the show gives young people authentic ways of viewing themselves on screen.

Netflix’s hit comedy “Sex Education” is more than just entertainment for teens

By Eliana Joftus November 24, 2021

One student’s name has been changed for anonymity. Season three of Netflix’s British teen comedy “Sex Education” premiered on Sept. 17. The series follows awkward high school student Otis Milburn,...

The series The Owl House, which Disney foolishly cancelled over the summer, is more than just entertaining; it helps to normalize queerness in children’s media.

The Owl House deserves better

By Maya Goelman November 3, 2021

Searching for a television show that my two younger sisters and I can all enjoy is never an easy feat, especially considering there’s an age gap of almost seven years between me and the youngest. There's...

Women in Texas have just lost their right to choose. A war against American women is underway, and it is our responsibility to fight back.

Let’s talk about women’s rights: the Texas abortion restrictions affect us all

By Sophie Hummel September 13, 2021

On September 1, Texas passed the strictest anti-abortion law since the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed a woman’s right to reproductive choice. The new legislation, which took effect...

Songwriting allows me to express sentiments that would otherwise remain trapped in my mind.

Songwriting like Taylor Swift will never go out of style

By Norah Rothman June 2, 2021

On September 8, 2013 — my 9th birthday — I was given a bright red CD player and, coincidentally, Taylor Swift’s album “Red.” Immediately after receiving the gifts, I spent hours dancing and singing...

This has been the reality of living with parents who are doctors during the pandemic. Until vaccinations became available, anxiety surrounding contracting coronavirus consumed me.

How I’ve coped with living as a child of two doctors during the pandemic

By Norah Rothman May 22, 2021

At 5:30 p.m. — right on cue — I hear the crank of the garage door open from my bedroom; my parents are home from work. Before March of 2020, I would run downstairs and embrace each of them in a hug...

While moving away is a necessary decision for me to make, it is still painful. It hurts to see someone I had admired greatly — the creator of something I once loved so much — represent something I hate so much.

Why I’m letting go of Harry Potter

By Maya Goelman May 20, 2021

From the ages of nine to 13, I based my bedroom decorations on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hogwarts house decals covered my walls, and a platform 9 ¾ sign hung on my door. My magic wand from...

I’m not a sports lover, but I love my sport

I’m not a sports lover, but I love my sport

By Iman Ilias May 19, 2021

I am not a sports buff, to say the very least. My peers always chose me last for scrimmages in gym class. I didn’t grow up watching sports, and even today I don’t tune into football or baseball games...

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