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The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

The Black and White

The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

The Black and White

About ‘The Black & White’

The Black & White is the independent student-run newspaper of Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. The organization has been reporting for 61 years. Since its founding in 2002, The Black & White Online has acted as an open forum for student journalism and expression, with the goal of informing the Whitman community about local events in a timely fashion by providing updates every day of the academic school year. All content is reviewed to ensure that it meets the highest levels of legal and ethical standards with respect to material that is libelous, obscene or invasive of privacy. Accuracy is of utmost importance to The Black & White staff.

Signed opinion pieces reflect the positions of the individual staff member. Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Walt Whitman High School or Montgomery County Public Schools.

The Black & White encourages readers to submit opinions on relevant topics in the form of letters to the editor. Letters must be signed to be printed, though names will be withheld upon request. The Black & White reserves the right to edit letters for content and space. Letters to the editor may be emailed to [email protected].

Print subscriptions to The Black & White include six magazines. Students and staff can pick up every issue free of charge in various locations throughout the school. Annual mail subscriptions cost $35, and a four-year subscription is $120. If you would like to purchase a subscription, you may purchase online here. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

To suggest story ideas, report corrections or contact staff members, please fill out a correction form under the “Contact Us” or email [email protected]. Find us on Facebook at The Black & White Online, on Twitter @bdubbsonline, on Instagram @wwhsblackandwhite, on Vimeo at BlackWhiteOnline, on SoundCloud at BlackWhiteOnline and on YouTube at TheBlackWhiteOnline.


In order to make The Black & White Online a safe and secure public forum for members of the community to express their opinions, we read all comments before publishing them. No comments with excessive obscenities, personal attacks, advertisements, nonsense, defamatory or derogatory rhetoric, libel or slander will be published. Comments are meant to spur discussion about the content and/or topic of an article. Please use your real name when commenting.

Takedown requests

To preserve the integrity and historical accuracy of The Black & White Online, we do not alter published content except when necessary to correct errors or protect the safety of sources.


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Email The Black & White Online staff at [email protected].