The Black and White

First row: Doug Prouty, Becca Thompson, Richard Obando. Second row: Michael Schweizer, Hala Abdou, Courtney Chick.

Six new teachers embark on their Whitman journeys

By Samie Travis October 21, 2021

As Whitman welcomes back students and staff after a year and a half of online learning, six new teachers are adjusting not only to a post-virtual education era but also to their positions at Whitman.   English:...

While the show features a Hispanic American woman in the country’s most powerful position, 46 out of the 47 actual American presidents have been white males, and during the buzz of the 2016 and 2020 elections, voters questioned the electability of candidates like Kamala Harris simply because of these women’s skin color and gender.

How Diary of a Future President encourages female and minority children to dream big

By Iman Ilias October 7, 2021

Close your eyes, and envision a young Hispanic American woman sitting in the President’s chair in the Oval Office. She glances up below a stately American flag and the gaze of a portrait of Benjamin...

Senior Destinations 2021

Senior Destinations 2021

By Christina Xiong July 29, 2021

How to use the Senior Destinations Map: Click the upper left button or the markers on the map to view students and schools. Clicking the upper right full-screen button will bring you to the full...

Music teacher Terry Alvey is retiring this year. As the leader of Whitman’s instrumental music program, Alvey ensured that her students felt motivated to play music with passion, according to some of the young performers she taught.

“She puts everything into her work”: Music teacher Terry Alvey retires after 15 years at Whitman

By Simone Meyer July 20, 2021

As music teacher Terry Alvey’s students readied their instruments and opened their sheet music, Alvey greeted the novices with a phrase that inspired them to sit a little taller and play with more vigor....

The Brood X cicada population only lives for a few short — but memorable — weeks above the ground.

Community assesses slow emergence, quick life and death of Brood X cicadas

By Kiara Pearce June 19, 2021

An ear-piercing buzz. Extraterrestrial-looking shells everywhere. Trees coated with the insects that produce these husks. As warmer months have crept in, a cherry has found its place on top of this tumultuous...

The question of which local culinary institution serves the tastiest tiramisu has been a mystery for the ages... until now.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… tiramisu?

By Jack McGuire and Matthew Lennie June 13, 2021

Whether you know it as a scrumptious Italian dessert or a lyric in Macklemore’s poorly-received song “Downtown,” tiramisu is an integral part of contemporary American culture. The dish became...

With the release of her new song Your Power, Billie Eilish took advantage of the obsession with her body and made a statement about empowerment.

‘Her power’: Billie Eilish makes a statement on female empowerment

By Bella Grumet June 12, 2021

Content warning: This story contains language that pertains to sexual assault. “If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I'm a slut,” Billie Eilish proclaimed to an...

The sophomores relief transforms into dread — Centreville is two hours away from Bethesda, which means he’ll have to travel a total of four hours to receive each shot. It’s a long trek for one dose, let alone both doses.

“I would rather drive eight hours total than wait”: Students go to lengths to receive COVID-19 vaccinations

By Eliana Posin June 10, 2021

Some names have been changed to protect students' privacy.   After seemingly endless hours of searching through pharmacies’ websites on his computer, sophomore Finn Van Riper finally finds...

The DECA team gathers for a group photo after the Maryland State Championship in 2020. Whitman DECA has taught its outgoing President, Abby Chen, the importance of leadership, she said.

“What the heck-a is DECA?”

By Simone Meyer June 6, 2021

At the 2020 DECA Maryland State Championship, nearly 30 members of Whitman’s DECA club hold their breath, spread out among the tables of the spacious dining room. They shift nervously in their seats...

Author Tammy Greenwood has written 13 novels, all of which share a trademark eloquent style of writing and a recurring theme of loss. Each novel has also received literary honors; Greenwood has won a San Diego Book Award on four different occasions. 

Behind the story: Q&A with award-winning novelist Tammy Greenwood

By Simone Meyer May 31, 2021

At the tender age of 11, author Tammy Greenwood lost her infant twin sisters due to heart and lung issues. Greenwood channeled her grief into writing, and English quickly became her favorite subject in...

While “Sound of Metal” is fictional, its realism is what makes the movie so compelling; Marder designed the movie to shed light on very real, underrepresented struggles.

Sound of Metal: Silence speaks volumes

By Noey Sheldon May 27, 2021

In a small, overcrowded venue, struggling musician Reuben Stone bangs his heart out on his drums. Performance after performance, the raging rhythms have become muscle memory to him. The crowd screams along...

Jain emcees a Make-A-Wish Foundation event. Jain, who was a recipient of Make-A-Wish services as a cancer patient, has worked with the organization extensively since his recovery.

Meet Ashwani Jain: Maryland’s millennial gubernatorial candidate

By Nil Özdemir May 26, 2021

“I would be the nation’s first millennial governor and Maryland’s first governor of color,” Ashwani Jain, a candidate in the 2022 Maryland governor’s race, said, quoting his own gubernatorial...

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