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While changing Fomz’ traditions have been an uphill battle, the group is committed to rebranding themselves as an inclusive and spirited group of dancers.

“We are moving forward”: A new era of Fomz begins

By Simone Meyer January 19, 2022

Sporting bright pink crop tops and Lululemon leggings, around 40 male seniors trot onto the football field and take their positions in three horizontal lines. They adjust their headbands, pull up their...

The Tyson’s Corner Mall Santa has held the job for nearly 37 years. This year, this mall Santa and others across the nation have taken extra precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19, including regular rapid testing.

Mall Santas of MoCo and beyond

By Ethan Schenker January 1, 2022

Every year, Santa Claus dons his finest red and white suit, his matching stocking cap and a pair of shiny black boots before embarking on a 3,522-mile sleigh ride from the North Pole to Montgomery Mall...

The Black & White’s 21 best albums of 2021

The Black & White’s 21 best albums of 2021

By Alex Schupak December 31, 2021

In the months following the end of 2020 — which Time Magazine described as “the worst year ever” — a cautious optimism emerged, making way for a cultural shift ripe for reflection, healing and...

Top left: Bravos cookies, top right and bottom left: Kleins latkes, bottom right: Oliphant-Lindens oliebollen

‘Tis the season to cook: students whip up tasty holiday food traditions

By Samie Travis December 30, 2021

To many, the holiday season means festive lights, familiar holiday tunes and eager awaiting of the first snowfall. Perhaps most importantly, however, the festive time of year brings about the revival of...

Pottery Barn in Bethesda has put out decorations like Advent calendars to celebrate the holiday season.

Bethesda shops bring holiday cheer

By Simone Meyer December 30, 2021

At the peak of the holiday season, downtown Bethesda is in a festive mode. Snowflakes drop down from ceilings, bright multicolored lights adorn trees and joyful music blasts from speakers as the area’s...

In the spirit of both journalism and the holidays, here are the Black & White’s top 10 trending gifts this season.

A guide to a teen’s brain: Holiday gift edition

By Rena Van Leeuwen December 21, 2021

No matter your stance on whether it’s more fulfilling to give or receive presents, nothing is better than a gift that provides both meaning and long-term use. So, in the spirit of both journalism and...

Junior Jack Mandell’s previous school year over Zoom helped him recognize that socialization makes a significant difference in enriching his academic experience. Mandell is proud to be a member of the Whitman Drumline, and he has cherished his regained ability to spread his love for music and school spirit around the school. Mandell’s favorite part of this school year, however, has been pursuing knowledge, which he feels he wasn’t able to do as efficiently online. 

“Last year, I made some unfortunate decisions while in class or after school involving my phone when I should have been paying attention,” Mandell said. “Being in school helps me stay attentive. I’m learning faster and that’s what school’s about: learning.” 

“This is what school is about”: Community reflects on significance of in-person learning

By Simone Meyer December 17, 2021

After a year and a half of Zoom classes and missed community traditions, students and faculty reacquainted themselves with in-person school. This readjustment was different for every individual at Whitman,...

Spotify Wrapped

Wrapping up 2021: Spotify Wrapped helps students connect with their music taste

By Kiara Pearce and Stephanie Solomon December 11, 2021

On the first day of December, numerous Whitman students were filled with excitement. Not because soft flurries of snow might soon dust neighborhoods, or because winter break was just a few weeks away —...

Members of Whitman Drama test their microphones on stage before opening night.

Bee-hind the scenes: Whitman Drama produces “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

By Stephanie Solomon November 29, 2021

Two hours before the navy velvet curtains rose, members of Whitman Drama stood in a circle in the auditorium entrance, hands interlocked. Eyes closed, the actors, directors and technology crew members...

Now a popular youth hangout spot, Glen Echo Park — a five-minute drive from Whitman — was the site of months of advocacy before its desegregation.

“They came back every day to stand up for what they believed in”

By Stephanie Solomon November 15, 2021

Never mind Bethesda Row or Montgomery Mall: one of the spots Whitman students frequented most often this past summer to watch sunsets from rooftops, view art galleries or simply roam historic property...

For many Whitman students, Halloween will always remain a spooktacular holiday for keeping up creative traditions.

Halloween casts its spell: students reflect on beloved spooky traditions

By Lauren Heberlee October 30, 2021

For most trick-or-treaters, Halloween is a night of roaming dimly lit neighborhood streets, visiting houses guarded by ghoulish jack-o’-lanterns and stuffing as much candy as possible into one pillowcase....

DeBolle’s interest in meeting people from different backgrounds and becoming immersed in new cultures is what swayed him to apply to schools in Europe.

A “uni”-que experience: Whitman students explore international universities

By Kiara Pearce October 28, 2021

With an oat milk latte in hand and a scarf wrapped around her neck, college sophomore Evie Wilder (’20) makes her way through the stone buildings of St. Andrews University, one of the oldest higher education...

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