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Despite the disappointing season, a packed fall-winter film season is rapidly approaching.

The Black & White’s top 5 movies to see before 2023

By Ben Lammers November 22, 2022

This year has been turbulent for film. However, 2022 started with a bang, with box office successes “Top Gun: Maverick” and “The Batman,” followed by indie darlings like “On the Count of Three.”...

The play explores Antoinette’s journey of self-discovery and self-reflection, exposing her inner thoughts as she struggles to maintain peace and control amidst family issues and public disapproval. 

“The audience is going to be on a wild ride”: Whitman Drama stages production of “Marie Antoinette”

By Marissa Rancilio November 19, 2022

The spotlight shines on Marie Antoinette and a sheep as they sit next to one another in a prison cell. The cell sits atop an elevated platform in the center of the otherwise darkened stage. As the world...

The fascinating take on modern media depicts child stars who go to extreme lengths to stay relevant in today’s online mecca and exposes the darker side of Hollywood that lends itself to the poor treatment of faded stars.

Movie Review: “Nope” shines a spotlight on the dark side of Hollywood

By Jacob Palo November 19, 2022

“Nope” is the latest film to emerge from director Jordan Peele’s creatively dark mind following his directorial debut in 2017 with “Get Out.” The movie further reinforces his abilities as a horror...

The National Cherry Blossom Festival (NCBF) selected Whitman as one of five local educational institutions to participate in its Neighborhood Tree Planting Program.

Photo of the Day, Wednesday, Nov. 16: students and staff welcome Japanese embassy representatives for cherry tree planting ceremony

By Alessia Pedrazzini November 16, 2022

One hundred and twelve years after the Japanese government gifted the United States two thousand cherry trees as a symbol of friendship between the two nations, representatives from the Japanese embassy...

Social worker Jacklyn Amankwa plays music on Whitmans loudspeaker between fourth and fifth periods on Thursday.

Photo of Yesterday, Nov. 4: music fills the halls between class periods

By Ines Foscarini November 4, 2022

Whitman’s school-based mental health professionals played music between class periods on Thursday and Friday to reduce stress and motivate students and staff at the end of the first marking period.  Social...

Eight years after playing on the turf of the Jerome M. Marco Stadium as a student, she returned to serve as the head coach of the team that defined her high school experience.

Field hockey coach Krishna Jaitly (‘13) returns to old stomping grounds

By Grace O’Halloran October 28, 2022

In seventh grade, Krishna Jaitly (‘13) made a decision that changed her life. After scoring on an MSI Classic soccer team for nearly 10 years, Jaitly switched to scoring with a different type of ball—...

The presentation contained information on Maryland gun possession laws, gun violence statistics and violence-free conflict resolution.

Photo of the Day, Oct. 19: Local prosecutors speak at Gun Education Assembly

By Aidan Donnan October 19, 2022

Prosecutors from the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office held a school-wide gun education assembly during third period today. The presentation contained information on Maryland gun possession...

These juniors launched  Shalabeatz when they were in the fifth grade. After stumbling upon their dad’s speaker system from college, the twins decided to try it out and quickly took interest in DJing.

Bringing the “Shala-beatz”: juniors Adam and Ali Shalabi mix it up as DJs

By Louisa Ralston October 17, 2022

Music blares across Whitman’s carnival-themed baseball field as hundreds of animated teenagers form into a tightly-packed mob, jumping up and down in sync with the beat. The sound of students singing...

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Amish Dutch families make the journey from their homes in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to the Lancaster County Dutch market in Germantown, Maryland.

‘We work outside, love nature and work for God’: an inside look at the Germantown Dutch Market

By Stephanie Solomon October 3, 2022

This story was published in print during the 2021-22 school year. In preparation for the Saturday morning customer rush, shopkeeper Kate dips ripe apples into a deep bowl of golden caramel, and then...

Kemelhor and his classmates placed the plaque near the stadium, overlooking the original location where 35,800 sq. feet Dome once stood.

Photo of the Day, September 30: Class of 1970 unveils plaque commemorating Whitman’s Dome

By Sonya Rashkovan September 30, 2022

Whitman alumni gathered this afternoon in the main gym to unveil a plaque commemorating the school’s Dome that was demolished in 1992. At the time of its construction in 1962, the structure attracted...

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