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Baseball falls to BCC 7–3 in the ultimate Battle of Bethesda
Boys volleyball falls to Walter Johnson 3–1
MCPS cancels bus tracking pilot app
Whitman hosts first International Night since COVID-19 pandemic
Boys lacrosse annihilates Blake 18–1
Girls lacrosse demolishes Blake 17–2

Girls lacrosse demolishes Blake 17–2

April 21, 2024

The Black & White’s Valentine’s Day flower guide

Each flower has its unique meaning and history, making the perfect bouquet even more meaningful for that special someone.

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic red rose, there are many more personal and thoughtful choices to give to your Valentine. Each flower has its unique meaning and history, making the perfect bouquet even more meaningful for that special someone. 



One fun floral choice for Valentine’s Day is the chrysanthemum. If your Valentine loves the fall, mums are the perfect flower. In Chinese culture, chrysanthemums are a token symbol of autumn. Considered one of the “four noblemen,” these flowers are symbols of highly prized virtues often depicted in paintings. The yellow mum is the ideal gift to show friendship, red for passionate, enduring love and pink for longevity and endurance. A bouquet of chrysanthemums is a great way to show commitment and resilience; when the seasons change and the days grow darker and colder, mums begin their bloom. 

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In Japanese history, The Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum was the highest honor bestowed upon Japanese soldiers. Today, Japan celebrates Natural Chrysanthemum Day as the Festival of Happiness, making it the perfect commemorative gift for your Valentine. 



Peonies are delicate beauties that command attention with their vibrant reds and pinks. 

 If your recipient is longing for love, peonies will be the perfect gift. They are used in Feng Shui — an ancient Chinese practice of arranging one’s environment that brings peace and harmony — to call for love and romance or to cure a broken heart. 

The Chinese name for the peony translates to “king” or “queen” of the flowers. Other Chinese names for the flower mean “most beautiful” and “flower of richness and honor.” However, the peonies have also gained a reputation as a symbol of bashfulness due to an ancient Greek myth where an angry Apollo transformed a nymph into a delicate flower. 



If you’re looking for something classy and elegant, the lotus flower is a great choice. Lotuses are symbols of renewal and bright futures, making them a fitting gift for someone who has recently moved, gotten a new job or started a new chapter in their life. The lotus flower also symbolizes rebirth, as it rises from mud and murky waters before spreading its beautiful petals. 



Sometimes a simple choice is the best choice. Gifting a daisy is guaranteed to make your Valentine smile without going over the top. 

Daisies typically resemble the sun, serving as a hopeful reminder in the middle of February that warm days are on the way. If you want your Valentine to know they’re “as sweet as a daisy,” this peaceful and positive flower is a great selection. Daisies are also good for a budding relationship, as they are simple and symbolize innocence, purity and loyal love.



Lilacs are known for their sweet fragrance, a scent so aromatic they were thought magical by the Celtics. Lilacs are hardy flowers, and their blooms are rare and easy to miss. In the Victorian era, lilacs were seen as symbols of love, making them a great flower for any vintage romantic. This makes sense as Lilac shrubs can live up to 100 years, which makes them a symbolic gift for a long-lasting relationship. Lilacs bloom after long and cold winters, promising summer, making them a great symbol of hope for those going through tough times.



If you’re looking for a classic, tulips are a great alternative to roses. Tulips have been known throughout history to represent deep and unconditional love; Victorians often gifted a tulip to declare their love for someone. Striped tulips can even be used as a way to compliment someone’s eyes. The patterned and mixed coloring of strip tulips resembles the unique composition of eyes. If deep passion is the message you’re trying to convey, red tulips are your best bet. 


Valentine’s Day can be stressful when picking out the perfect gift for your loved one. No matter what arrangement or bouquet you choose, giving the gift of flowers is a timeless way to show love and affection.

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