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June 17, 2024

The Black & White’s top 2024 Met Gala outfits

On May 6, hundreds of celebrities, ambitious artists and renowned designers stepped through the doors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2024 Met Gala. 53 million people worldwide watched as the annual fundraising event for the museum’s Costume Institute welcomed daring styles, post-contemporary outfits and the hottest new fashion pieces. Known as “fashion’s biggest night,” the Met Gala often showcases brilliant talent and allows designers to display their boldest creations. 

This year’s theme was “Garden of Time,” inspired by J.G. Ballard’s short story. Ballard’s thought-provoking tale contained messages about the progression of human history and art throughout time. The theme welcomed nature-inspired pieces and fashion through the ages including futuristic designs.

The biggest names in fashion, music and entertainment each came to impress. Here are the Black & White’s top Met Gala outfits of 2024.

10. Rebecca Hall in Danielle Frankel

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@rebeccahall via Instagram

Covered in tulle and wildflowers, Hall’s dress was wispy and fun. On par with the theme, Hall embraced femininity through a floral design while neglecting a traditional shape, as the boxy cut of the dress was artistic but unflattering. Hall directly applied flowers to her shoulders and wore matching sheer gloves, elevating her look from a mere outfit to an all-encompassing aura. The tulle train elevated the look to red carpet-worthy, but this piece missed a showstopping spark, lacking the daring aspect that Met Gala outfits require.


9. Sydney Sweeney in Miu Miu

@miumiu via Instagram

Sweeney’s blue gown was evocative of Van Gogh’s famous “Almond Blossoms,” painting. The frothy tulle and sky blue color created a dreamy feel and the dress itself perfectly captured the garden theme with its timeless shape and material. However, the stark contrast between the soft tulle and the black leather gloves and wig added unnecessary masculinity that clashed with the theme and aesthetic of the dress. The gloves and wig did a disservice to an elegant piece, but, the dress itself is worthy of praise.


8. Zendaya in Maison Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano

@maisonmargiela via Instagram

Zendaya, the co-chair of the event, adorned a blue and green gown covered in leaves and berries while cinched tulle enveloped her shoulders and waist. Though inventive, the piece leaned too far to the costume side. Intended to look ethereal and magical, this piece was too similar to the dramatic stylings of “Alice in Wonderland” to be taken seriously. However, it perfectly complemented the theme, as the style of the birds and berries had an otherworldly feel on par with nature and even time travel.


7. Elle Fanning in Balmain

@ellefanning via Instagram

Although Fanning’s dress itself had a mute color palette, the shimmer detail and the draping of the fabric provided a chic and effortless feel. The glass birds created an illusion, holding up the dress sleeves by the structure on her shoulders. Fanning’s white diamond jewelry added a layer of sophistication to the look and although beautiful, this was not show-stopping, given its simplicity. Upon closer inspection, the colors created an atmosphere of dry monotony in comparison to the visual vibrancy of the Met Gala. The outfit was simply missing the colorful spark that makes a dazzling Met Gala outfit.


6. Janelle Monáe in Vera Wang

@janellemonae via Instagram

Similarly to Fanning, Monae’s color palette was simple. However, due to the shimmer, the spectrum of colors was wider, including a range of blues, purples and silver tones. The sequins created a majestic feel reminiscent of moving water. The transparent flower on her shoulder tied into the theme of “Gardens of Time,” but it was slightly awkward compared to the rest of the dress. The fit emphasized flow and movement while the flower maintained sharpness and rigidity.


5. Ben Simmons in Thom Brown

@bensimmons via Instagram

This matching suit and coat was immediately eye-catching. Many Met Gala suits fail to impress because “black tie” requirements can be perceived as restrictive to menswear. Simmons’ tweed patterns were innovative and unique, and the clock briefcase was sleek and almost comical. The combination of formal wear and the plaid detail maintained sophistication while providing a refreshing suit design. Unfortunately, the look felt overwhelming and over-accessorized because of the clashing elements of the flower on the side of his coat and the briefcase. However, this outfit ties in different fashion styles beautifully.


4. Harris Reed in Harris Reed

@harris_reed via Instagram

Reed, the mastermind designer who had previously styled Harry Styles and Beyonce in addition to making Demi Moore’s gown this year, stunned the carpet with this structural piece. This was truly a show-stopping moment, as the look’s dramatic headdress and excessive bodice commanded attention. The concept of this piece was incredible, combining drapery and structure, but the fabric fell short. While still on theme, the color combination was visually unappealing as the gold and yellow were missing luster.


3. Sabrina Harrison in CHRISHABANA

@sabrinaharrison___ via Instagram

Adorned in a bodycon gown covered in clocks, Harrison interpreted the theme literally. Dozens of mini clocks contrasted with a large one at the neck of the gown. Reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, this dress was unique. The design was inventive yet too maximalist to be considered timeless or elegant and while interesting, this dress ultimately was not classic.


2. Lauren Sánchez in Oscar de la Renta

@laurenwsanchez via Instagram

With a flower motif created to look like shattered glass, this dress was sophisticated and chic. The color palette was elegant with varying shades of white, contrasting the black velvet. The flattering bodice melted into a billowing skirt resembling a flower. Sanchez’s simple jewelry contributed to the timeless feel of the dress.


1. Demi Moore in Harris Reed

@demimoore via Instagram

This was Moore’s first time attending the Met Gala in five years, and she stole the show with her sophisticated and flattering gown. More than just a simple dress, the piece had a beautiful, exaggerated structure that paired nicely with the soft flower motifs. The shape provided the illusion that Moore was a part of the flower, through the boned curves around her shoulder and the three-dimensional tulle by her legs. It encompassed classical femininity while maintaining a modern and innovative feel which many celebrities fall short of with excessive details. Not only was it beautiful to admire, but it portrayed personality and an effortlessly chic style.

Honorable mentions include:
Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga
Teyana Taylor in The Blonds
Alia Bhatt in Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Allison Williams in Michael Kors
Alton Mason in Thom Brown

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