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The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

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The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School

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Namak is a newly opened Middle Eastern restaurant set in the heart of Washington D.C. and the product of experienced restaurant owners and longtime friends Saied Azali and John Cidre.

Review of Middle-Eastern restaurant ‘Namak’

By Cate Cirivello July 15, 2024

Stepping into Namak, an aroma of rich Mediterranean spice wafted through the room as the warm glow of softly lit lanterns welcomed me inside. A reservation was a must, evident by the bustling crowd on...

Cancel culture: A roadblock on the path to social justice

Cancel culture: A roadblock on the path to social justice

By Zoe Spaenle July 1, 2024

Adam Levine, Will Smith, James Corden — the list of “canceled” celebrities ranges from internet personalities to rappers to talk show hosts. Nowadays, the most minor misstep or controversy can bring...

According to a study done by a Stanford University researcher, students find that homework significantly contributes to the current mental health crisis, with 56% of surveyed students considering homework a primary source of stress.

Board of Education passes proposed amendment to homework policy

By Shahmeer Ali June 30, 2024

The Board of Education voted to pass an amendment to the current MCPS homework policy, June 25. The proposed new policy includes provisions requiring teachers to allocate in-class time for completing homework...

Miller attended Villanova University and began his career as an educator at the National Center for Children and Families, a nonprofit organization that supports vulnerable children and families.

MCPS Board of Education appoints Gregory Miller as new Whitman Principal

By Nikhita Dass and Liam Darnell June 25, 2024

The Montgomery County Board of Education appointed current Assistant Principal Gregory Miller as the new principal of Walt Whitman High School, effective July 1. Jewel Sanders, the director of the Office...

Before serving in Stafford County, Taylor was the Deputy Superintendent in Chesterfield County, the 2016 Region III Superintendent of the Year for Middlesex County and the University of Virginia’s Alumni Outstanding Principal in 2012.

MCPS appoints Dr. Thomas W. Taylor as new Superintendent

By Rishith Alimchandani June 24, 2024

The Montgomery County Board of Education announced this week that Dr. Thomas W. Taylor will serve as the next MCPS Superintendent. The Board will formally appoint Taylor at a regularly scheduled business...

Staff in MCPS autism program involuntarily transferred, stoking further budget concerns

By Dani Cotlear June 19, 2024

MCPS officials announced this March that the countywide autism support program located at Darnestown Elementary School would undergo a 50% reduction of paraeducators. The change arrived just before a per-pupil...

Many teenagers’ packed school and extracurricular schedules only delay the rise of melatonin levels — which help signal the body to shut down for the night — by producing stress, keeping the body awake.

5 ways to improve your sleep schedule as a high schooler

By Abby Ikenson June 19, 2024

The average teenager requires eight to ten hours of high-quality sleep every night to properly function in daily activities such as school or extracurriculars. Adequate sleep allows a teenager’s developing...

For children, insufficient access to food can delay development and lead to behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression. When the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out in 2020, the number of people living with food insecurity in MoCo rose to 115,000 — 37% higher than the pre-pandemic level.

So What Else; how a local non-profit combats food insecurity

By Emma Libowitz June 18, 2024

Rows of colorful vegetables adorn the folding tables set up across the Wyaconda Road parking lot. Families roam through the distribution site, eagerly eyeing the tables and awaiting their turn to shop....

Despite their childhood significance, board games have faded into the background as occasional activities. The transition from physical to online gaming has left board games as fun memories, but essentially obsolete presently.

The renaissance of board games in a virtual world

By Abigail Dickey June 18, 2024

A young child moves the bishop piece two spaces diagonally, triumphantly slamming it down on the board. He successfully puts the opposing king in checkmate. Across the table, his grandfather’s eyes crinkle...

Student mental health is an important concern for many schools, including Whitman, which has implemented resources to ensure students have access to mental health professionals. However, the hyper-competitive state of Whitman’s student culture limits the effectiveness of these resources, and this truth reflects a broader trend across the country.

The cost of academic excellence: Balancing AP classes and mental health

By Jose Urzua June 18, 2024

Some names have been changed to protect student’s privacy Whitman is one of the highest-rated public schools in Maryland. Being one of the top-rated schools, it offers 34 Advanced Placement (AP) classes...

In March 2023, five reports of antisemitic incidents in MCPS occurred in a week and four reports of antisemitic vandalism on campus caused the indefinite closure of all outdoor facilities at Northwood High School.

Recent local antisemitic incidents lead to increased tensions in MCPS

By Noah Bloom June 17, 2024

Board of Education President Karla Silvestre testified on MCPS’ handling of antisemitism before a U.S. House Education and Workforce subcommittee, May 8. The hearing, titled “Confronting Pervasive...

Redefining fluency: the value of language classes for everyone

Redefining fluency: the value of language classes for everyone

By Simon Llanos-Carvajal June 17, 2024

Growing up, I thought there was no way a high school Spanish class could ever challenge me. As a Colombian with parents from Bogotá and Spanish as my household language, I was confident in my language...

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