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As I read them the newspaper and serve them daily snacks, the seniors repay me by sharing stories about the unique lives they have led.

Old timers and their stories: My experience volunteering at an assisted living facility

By Drake Poe December 8, 2023

Names have been changed for anonymity.  After the bell rings, most students rush out of school to participate in sports, complete homework or hang out with friends, but I make my way to Bartholomew...

Bringing participants to impoverished areas for volunteering, voluntourist organizations typically bill their trips as a chance for travelers to fulfill their philanthropic desires and undergo a life-changing experience.

Intention guiding action: Breaking away from harmful voluntourism

By Dresden Benke December 7, 2023

Some names have been changed to protect student privacy. With nearly 10 million participants yearly, the $2 billion voluntourism industry has become a rapidly growing travel trend. Bringing participants...

In recent years, the fashion industry has been pushing towards inclusivity and representation of all bodies. With this movement, however, performative inclusivity — superficial changes made to brands that don’t genuinely combat inequity — has risen.

Nobody’s entitled to inclusivity: Why Victoria’s Secret’s rebranding was a horrible business decision

By Aya Chami December 7, 2023

On Sept. 26, 2023, Victoria’s Secret released its revamped Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Hulu. After a two-year hiatus, the multi-billion dollar brand’s show took an unprecedented route — an...

Director Ridley Scott generates a film with swarms of extras, extensive sets and real horses in the battle sequences, all aspects that most directors wouldn’t even attempt to juggle. However, regarding character and story development, “Napoleon” is a heartbreaking disappointment, especially considering Scott’s previous works.

“Napoleon”: A baffling disappointment from Ridley Scott

By Rylan Ammerman December 6, 2023

Musket fire bombards the enemy, and cannonballs bombard the frozen lake, painting the once-peaceful Austrian tundra crimson. The remaining soldiers scramble to their feet, only to be submerged in the...

As the weather got colder and we headed into fall, I visited Adams Morgan to see what the Cafe had to offer in my favorite season.

D Light Cafe and Bakery: A Ukrainian restaurant review

By Annie DeLuca December 6, 2023

On any given morning in Adams Morgan, D Light Cafe and Bakery is jam packed. Every colorful couch is filled with customers sipping their lavender lattes and indulging in fluffy croissants. The cafe...

Washington’s fourth and fifth weeks of NBA action are complete. Across seven games, the Wizards finished with a woeful 1–6 record, bringing their total across the season to 3–15.

Wizards Weekly: Week 4 & 5 (11/16-11/29)

By William English December 5, 2023

The Wizards' season can be summarized in just a few words from Kyle Kuzma per The Athletic: “We can’t guard a stop sign.” Washington’s fourth and fifth weeks of NBA action are complete. Across...

Miller’s term will last until Jan. 26.

Miller begins term as Principal Intern on Dec. 1

By Nikhita Dass December 5, 2023

On Dec. 1, Assistant Principal Gregory Miller began his term as Principal Intern as part of the MCPS Leadership Development Program (LDP). Miller’s term will last until Jan. 26.  The LDP intends...

Participants talked about their favorite Middle Eastern traditions and their personal experiences as Arab or Jewish students while enjoying baklava, a Middle Eastern pastry.

Photo of the Day, December 4: Yallah Club meeting

By Zach Jaffe December 4, 2023

On Dec. 4, the Yallah Club hosted its second meeting during lunch to bring Arab and Jewish students together and share their cultures. Participants talked about their favorite Middle Eastern traditions...

Today, consumers cannot trust that deals and discounts are saving them money — blurring the lines between tricks and genuine sales. 

Consuming in a digital world: The battlefield of online shopping

By Annie DeLuca December 4, 2023

Shopping was once a stress-relieving way to treat yourself and others, but when online shoppers hit the checkout button, most are unaware of the perfectly orchestrated trap they’ve fallen into. From...

The event took place from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the commons, and was open to all staff, students and families.

Photo of Yesterday, 11/30: PTSA screening of Race to Be Human

By Romina Mofrad December 1, 2023

On Nov. 30, The PTSA Stressbusters Committee hosted a screening of the documentary Race to Be Human. The event took place from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the commons, and was open to all staff, students and...

Told through several perspectives, “Mascot” is aimed at middle-grade readers, introducing them to the complexity of tradition and discrimination through accessible literature. 

Award-winning authors Charles Waters and Traci Sorell visit Politics & Prose

By Nikhita Dass December 1, 2023

On Nov. 16, best-selling authors Charles Waters and Traci Sorell hosted a book signing event at Politics and Prose Bookstore for their new novel “Mascot.” The bookstore publicized “Mascot” to highlight...

Given the freedom to learn about and state opinions on current events, social media users should be mindful of how the content they create influences others and how the media they consume influences themselves.

News in the Digital Age: Navigating the polarized spectrum of social issues

By Alara Göksu December 1, 2023

When scrolling through social media, it’s common to fear that one double-tap will land you in hot water with other users. People often turn to social media platforms for their news intake, and these...

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