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Staff in MCPS autism program involuntarily transferred, stoking further budget concerns

June 19, 2024

The Heights Food Hall: A Chevy Chase eatery review

From Cuban sandwiches to falafels, I was intrigued to taste and review the best food spots in The Heights.

The Heights Food Hall opened on Dec. 11 and boasts 11 food stalls as part of its Chevy Chase location. In addition to the food stalls, The Heights also houses a bar with a full-service restaurant. The food hall presents modern architecture, a sleek, cozy vibe with luscious flowers covering the walls and an extensive table area. From Cuban sandwiches to falafels, I was intrigued to taste and review the best food spots in The Heights.


Supreme BBQ – 4.5/5

First up was Supreme BBQ, which surrounded me with the enticing smells of smoked meats. A massive tub of BBQ sauce displayed on the counter caught my eye and added some unique character to the otherwise forgettable stall. I ordered a Brisket Mac Sando for $18, which contains, as its name suggests, smoked brisket covered in creamy mac and cheese stuffed into a toasted bun. The sandwich, paired with a light but powerful BBQ sauce, contained just the right combination of sweet and acidic flavors. The brisket was cooked to perfection, and the meat broke apart after each bite. The mac and cheese was also divine in its creaminess. However, the bun was subpar, giving a pillowy texture yet a bland taste.

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Saoco – 4/5

Next up was Saoco, a brightly colored stall with flowers covering the walls and chips on the counter. My hunger led me to order a Cubano sandwich packed with mojo pork, ham, pickles, mustard and Swiss cheese served on fresh Cuban bread for $13. This sandwich was the definition of savory. The salty flavor of the ham and pork complemented the crunchy dill pickles and mustard. Unfortunately, the pork was a little dry compared to the ham, and the sandwich wasn’t as big as I had hoped. This sandwich was tasty but was a tad overwhelming with all the ingredients stuffed inside.


Yasmine 4.5/5

Looking for a smaller bite, I went to a Lebanese-inspired stall Yasmine. I picked up three falafels with a side of tahini sauce for $6. The falafels were served on a small dish, with pickled onions and mint as a garnish. I enjoyed its crisp exterior texture and soft, mushy interior. The flavor was intriguing, and I relished the savory chickpea taste balanced by the acidity of the onions. Though small in size, these falafels packed a delicious punch. 


DOKI DOKI Sushi 5/5

Returning to the food hall after a day’s rest, I opted for Asian food at Doki Doki Sushi. At an employee’s recommendation, I selected the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll, which included spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber eel sauce, spicy mayo and crispy rice noodles for $10. From the first bite, I was astonished at the fresh taste of the sushi combined with the sweet eel and tangy spicy mayo sauces. The sushi was a crescendo of sweet and tangy flavors fashioned together, each bite leaving me craving more. After stopping by, I strongly regard this as one of the best sushi spots in the Bethesda area. 



DC DOSA is The Heights’ only vegan option, so I was excited to try its unique South Asian flavors. This was my first time trying dosa —an Indian pancake made of lentils filled with vegetables and potatoes. With their build-your-own menu, I picked my base, fillings and sauces. The dosa I ordered consisted of yellow lentils, curry potatoes and roasted vegetables for $15. I chose cilantro, sesame and mango habanero sauces to put on top. To my shock, the dosa came out incredibly large, and the yellow lentil base was light and airy with a mild flavor. The softness of the potatoes paired well with the crunchiness of the roasted vegetables. The bitter cilantro sesame sauce countered the mango habanero. This dosa was delicious, and even as a non-vegan, I was pleasantly surprised. 


Sky Lantern 5/5

This Southeast Asian Style restaurant was a surprising novelty compared to the food stalls I had already tasted. I ordered Thai Chili Wontons for $9 and Boneless Thai Wings for $10. The Thai Chili Wonton consisted of fried shrimp served over a layer of “house spicy sauce.” The shrimp’s crispy, flaky crunch paired perfectly with the buttery soft interior, creating the perfect bite. I quickly moved on to the wings to find another spectacle of fried food. The chicken was juicy, and the sauce that came with it was even better: a creamy dip similar to Chick-fil-A sauce that worked well with the shrimp and the chicken.


Urbano 3.5/5

With an appetite for Mexican food, I sat down at the dine-in area at Urbano and chose a carnitas enchilada with a side of Mexican rice and black beans for $18. The enchilada was a generic-looking dish that didn’t surprise me in its presentation but delivered with its taste and texture. Covered in tomatillo green salsa with blended cheeses, I began to feast. The carnitas pork inside was tender and juicy, but as I ate more, its flavors seemed to wear off, and the taste began to get stale and boring. The Mexican rice was served as a side to the enchilada but ultimately proved dry and under-seasoned. Urbano serves an appetizing enchilada, but sadly, its food doesn’t maintain the satisfying punch of the initial bite.

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