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Weekly news round-up: Dec. 3

Graphic by Charlotte Alden.

Graphic by Charlotte Alden.

By Matthew Farr

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Donald Trump says he’ll remove himself from his businesses to focus on the presidency
In a tweet on Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump announced that he is planning to step aside from his businesses to focus on being president. Trump said on the campaign trail that, should he become president, he would put his businesses into a blind trust with his children in charge.

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Plane crash devastates Brazilian soccer team
The soccer world has been mourning the loss of 71 people who died when a plane carrying Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense crashed into the Andes mountains on Monday. There were six survivors of the crash, including three members of the team, although several remain in critical condition. While the investigation into the crash is ongoing, early signs point to the aircraft running out of fuel and having a large electrical failure, per released voice recordings between the pilot and air traffic controllers.

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Colombian Congress approves peace accord with FARC; ends civil war
A 52-year civil war between the Colombian government and FARC militia is set to end after the Colombian Congress approved a peace agreement with FARC leaders. The vote was 130-0, and came after 11 hours of debate. This is the second attempted peace agreement between the parties, after the first one was failed to pass in a popular referendum.

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Wildfire rips through Tennessee, killing at least 7
At least 400 buildings are damaged and several people are either dead or trapped as firefighters race to contain a massive wildfire in Tennessee. The fire started in the Great Smoky Mountains and spread towards the city of Gatlinburg. Over 14,000 people were evacuated from the city.

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