Weekly news round-up: Sept. 9

By Matthew Farr

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Here a small collection of stories that happened this week in the US and around the world:

Obama vows aid to Laos in visit

President Obama has announced a $90 million aid package to Laos to clear around 80 million unexploded munitions across the country. The munitions were dropped on Laos during a nine-year period, which coincided with the Vietnam War. Obama is the first sitting US President to visit the southeast-Asian country.

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North Korea conducts (another) nuclear test

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (AKA: North Korea) detonated its fifth and most powerful nuclear bomb to date on Thursday. The test comes after the secretive nation launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from a submerged submarine. These actions raise fears that the nation will soon have missiles powerful enough to deliver nuclear weapons to the United States.

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IPhone 7 unveiled

Apple unveiled the latest incarnation of its venerable IPhone this week, the IPhone 7. Among its many features is increased waterproofness that comes at the cost of the much-loved headphone jack. Critics call the move to remove the headphone jack “risky,” while Apple calls it “brave.”

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