The Black and White

Mass insurrection disturbs Washington D.C. and interrupts a joint Congress session on January 6.

‘Terrifying and upsetting’: stunned Whitman community responds to Capitol insurrection

By Matt Eisner January 7, 2021

What was supposed to be a normal Wednesday spent doing homework and attending teachers’ virtual check-ins was instead one in which students could hardly look away from social media feeds and cable news...

Businesses transformed a segment of downtown Bethesda, once a traffic hotspot, into

Outdoor ‘streeteries’ to continue throughout winter

By Claire Lane December 29, 2020

As COVID-19 cases remain on the rise throughout Maryland, Montgomery County is looking for ways to keep its “streeteries'' in business, even as temperatures begin to drop. “Streeteries” — blocked...

Montgomery County Park's Open Parkways Program closed certain busy roads for pedestrians and bicyclists on weekends.

Students, activists sign petition to maintain weekend closure of Little Falls Parkway

By Grace Corbett December 28, 2020

In response to the suspension of Montgomery County’s Open Parkways Program, which closed traffic-congested roads for pedestrians and cyclists on weekends, Sumner resident Tiffany Cal created a petition...

Superintendent Jack Smith has proposed a lowered MCPS school budget for the 2021–22 school year.

Proposed MCPS budget exhibits first contraction in over a decade

By Lily Freeman December 28, 2020

MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith released his proposed school system budget for the next fiscal year on December 17. For the first time in over a decade, the suggested plan asks for less money than the previous...

The start of the in-person winter sports season has been postponed until January 12.

MCPS delays the start of in-person winter sports

By Claire Lane December 25, 2020

On December 4, Montgomery County Public Schools announced that in-person competition for winter sports will now start on January 12. MCPS postponed the start of the season from December 7 after the county...

The December holiday season will likely cause a spike in coronavirus cases, much like Thanksgiving.

Experts worry holiday season to lead to COVID cases uptick

By Matt Eisner December 23, 2020

As COVID-19 cases in Maryland and across the United States have reached pandemic-high levels, with the state reporting over 16,000 new infections in the past week, experts fear that increased amounts of...

MCPS plans to install menstrual product dispensers in schools

MCPS plans to install menstrual product dispensers in schools

By Grace Corbett December 22, 2020

The Montgomery County Board of Education approved a plan to install menstrual hygiene product dispensers in Montgomery County secondary school bathrooms at a December 3 meeting. The Board will release...

For many MCPS students, SSL hours are not an opportunity to complete altruistic volunteer work, rather just another box to check before heading off to college.

MCPS approves SSL hours for participation in SEL block

By Vishnu Dandi December 21, 2020

The Montgomery County Board of Education approved a proposal to grant Student Service Learning hours for participation in Social and Emotional Learning lessons — a new mindfulness program— starting...

Since the start of the pandemic in March, students have increasingly disregarded COVID-19 safety precautions.

Quarantine fatigue hits Whitman; students open door to virus

By Claire Lane December 17, 2020

Some names have been changed for anonymity. Even as the year comes to a close, the United States’ battle with the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Infection rates are rising in 43 states, including...

Bethesda restaurants set up tens and outdoor seating fixtures down Woodmont Avenue.

Bethesda restaurants find creative ways to cope with upcoming winter

By Christian Larson December 16, 2020

Winter is almost here, and the coronavirus pandemic is worsening. Many restaurants have relied on outdoor seating to keep their customers safe while dining, but colder weather may stop this strategy. As...

Board of Education approves MCPS’ plan for in-person learning

Board of Education approves MCPS’ plan for in-person learning

By Zoe Cantor December 15, 2020

The Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously confirmed the modified framework to re-open schools — beginning on February 1 — in a meeting today. The Board announced the original framework...

MCPS bans use of swastikas, nooses and Confederate flags in schools

MCPS bans use of swastikas, nooses and Confederate flags in schools

By Grace Corbett December 8, 2020

The Montgomery County Public School Board of Education has updated its code of conduct to include a ban on the non-educational use of swastikas, nooses and Confederate flags in Montgomery County public...

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