The Black and White

Tired of awkward parking lot encounters

By Rachel Nussbaum

March 21, 2010

Not to sound condescending or anything, but driving to school every morning is absolutely spectacular. I laugh at those forced to ride the bus. Hah. Read More »...

Icicles: dangerous weapons and excuses for stalking

By Rachel Nussbaum

February 22, 2010

Usually when friends talk about swords, sabers and extreme pain in the same conversation, they’re planning their next big trip to a “Star Wars” fan festival. However, with the arrival of Snowmaggedon, they might be referring to something else. Students, formerly limited to blunt objects for enacting harm...

No report cards, just a graduation cap that determines your future

By Rachel Nussbaum

February 21, 2010

Report cards are just bad. There’s no other way around it. Who likes seeing all of their effort and lost hours laid out in thick, dark, final print? Sycophants—that’s who. Really, no one in their right mind enjoys receiving any grades, especially right after tests. Read More &ra...

Disney diamonds among the duds

By Rachel Nussbaum

February 6, 2010

It’s an undisputed fact that “High School Musical” launched a genuine Disney craze in 2006.  Suddenly, it wasn’t dorky to go along with the cheese and believe in the highly stylized, beautifully lit and well-groomed Disney ideals. Fast forward four years, and whether they openly admit it or not, ...

Spin-offs not ‘Googla,’ but close

By Rachel Nussbaum

January 13, 2010

Google is a hallmark of the Internet, with its iconic logo and familiar interface. But as “Prado” bags and “MiPhones” prove, icons don’t last long before inspiring imitations. In fact, it appears that Google has spawned many such knock-off sites recently, including independently-owned Givoogl...

Looking Ahead: What’s in and out for 2010

By Rachel Nussbaum

January 9, 2010

*Also by Stephanie Haven* As many have noticed, the year 2010 is now upon us. Though we’re nowhere near where we should be in order to reach the standards that “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” set for 2049, it must be said that some vast improvements have been made since the previous year. ...

Whitman bathrooms, like never before

By Rachel Nussbaum

January 8, 2010

Imagine the worst place you’ve ever been. Worse than the Bethesda tunnel.  Worse than the Express line at Safeway when someone has 20 items. More along the lines of the Chokey in “Matilda,” the movie. Damp, dark and full of pointy objects. In other words, Whitman’s bathrooms. Read More »...

List serv allows digital neighborly talk

By Rachel Nussbaum

December 12, 2009

The annoyingly cheerful neighbor sticking her head over the fence to “chat” is an antiquated stereotype that’s usually found more on television than in backyards.   But in some neighborhoods the fence has been replaced by a list serv, as neighborhood news goes digital. Bethesda neighborhood...

Drowsy days

By Rachel Nussbaum

December 7, 2009

The other day, I spent a good five to 10 minutes giggling over a pun I put into an English presentation. In class, no one laughed. Yes, times are tough in the life of this junior, and it turns out, eleventh grade isn’t conducive to sleep. I know, who would’ve guessed? Well, it seems like a lot of peo...

Bethesda named “hottest guy city,” but is it true?

By Rachel Nussbaum

November 8, 2009

Boys, take a bow. As if Bethesda needed another reason for being the Greatest Place On Earth (move over, Orlando), it’s official that we’ve got the hottest guys. Yes, has just declared Bethesda the top-ranking City With the Hottest Men. And with a domain name that carries the weight and importance of the journa...

Hallway etiquette for dummies

By Rachel Nussbaum

October 22, 2009

Dun-nuh-nun-uh. Coming up fast on my right, girl-who-sits-in-front-of-me-in-science-class. Duh-nuh-nun-uh. Do I make an awkward half-wave? Do I avert my eyes? Do I creepily smile and hope against all odds that she remembers who I am? DUN-DUN! Read More »...

Music to my tears

By Rachel Nussbaum

October 5, 2009

Call it Restless Leg Syndrome (that’s believable). Call it unrealized musical ability. Whatever it is, it has to stop tapping on my chair. Every day, a light tap, tap, tap on my chair rack, as the person behind me gets comfortable in their chair, puts his feet up like he’s in a cushy recliner. I’...