Looking Ahead: What’s in and out for 2010

By Rachel Nussbaum

Photo courtesy of wordpress.com.
Photo courtesy of wordpress.com.

*Also by Stephanie Haven*

As many have noticed, the year 2010 is now upon us. Though we’re nowhere near where we should be in order to reach the standards that “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” set for 2049, it must be said that some vast improvements have been made since the previous year.

From Mike Shanahan to “Glee” and almost everything in between, here’s what’s OUT and IN for 2010!

OUT: E-mail IN: Facebook

No matter how easy it is to use Gmail, Mark Zuckerberg is an actual genius. We’ve spent too many hours on Facebook to count. Maybe it’s because that little red notification box makes you feel loved. Maybe it’s not. But we’d really love it if they could fix Facebook chat. I want to see my conversations, please.

OUT: Jeans IN: Leggings

Leggings are not thin black tights. They are not sheer. By definition they’re cloth that act as pants would, but without the bulk and are therefore more comfortable (and can look pretty classy with the right outfit). But be forewarned. We’re not advocating for those thin black tights and a tight little shirt that barely avoids a Lady Gaga situation. No one looks good in that.

OUT: Ballet Flats IN: Tall Boots

While ballet flats may come back later in the year when the temperatures rise, our feet are wholeheartedly enjoying the tall boot trend. And, unlike ballet flats, you can get boots with arch support (I hate to sound like your mom), which really is better for your knees. Boots are everywhere. Quick, jump on that wagon.

OUT: Fashion Scarves IN: Long Necklaces

Both are classy. We know they’re warm, but scarves have just been a bit overused and abused with all the different ways you can wear them. Longer necklaces now seem to adorn the necks of many a Whitman fashionista and go with almost any outfit. Just make sure your shirt isn’t too busy.

OUT: Jim Zorn IN: Mike Shanahan

Anyone who follows football even the slightest bit and isn’t making plans for their casket to be wrapped in a Redskin jersey (‘cause they’re diehard, get it?) associates the words “epic fail” with the Redskins’ last season. At first it was funny, now it’s just sad. Even someone as athletically challenged as myself could’ve made the field goal that Sean Suisham missed. We all saw it coming, and possibly breathed a sigh of relief when Jim Zorn was fired. Hopefully, Mike Shanahan will be at least a bit better than Zorn… could he have a winning record?

A frozen yogurt from Sweet Greens. Photo courtesy of seriouseats.com.

OUT: Ice Cream IN: Frozen Yogurt

It’s healthier, more environmentally friendly (sometimes), easier to eat (no worries about falling out of a cone) and usually tastes better. There’s no room for error, especially at Sweet Green. One flavor means no mistakes.

OUT: Romances IN: Bromances

There’s even a group on Facebook asking to make “Bromance” a relationship status. There was an MTV show called “Bromance, the mark of a serious cultural characteristic. With the rise of chill lax bros and man-love, there’s no use fighting it. It’s true, guys are more comfortable with affection than a lot of girls are, and that’s something that should be celebrated.

OUT: Robert Pattinson IN: Taylor Lautner

When given the option between a pale, gangly, over-gelled male and a tan, muscular, attractive male, Bella chose the former. Excuse me, but..what!? Robert Pattinson is a bad choice for even a psychotic, needy excuse of a female. The number of “Team Jacob” shirts far outnumbered the “Team Edward;” only one of them dated Taylor Swift; and only one hosted SNL. Taylor Lautner for the win, and for the wolf.

OUT: Youtube IN: Hulu

Youtube started out as a revolutionary website where any average Joe could claim his own personal minute and 33 seconds of viral fame. But this easy access quickly took a turn for the worse, and now the Google-owned site is hopelessly clogged with frolicking kittens and passionate Britney Spears fans. Hulu, a website solely devoted to television shows, clips and movies, cuts out all that nonsense. The convenience of not having to watch one episode in five nine-minute clips is definitely worthy of “IN” status.

Photo courtesy of dclifestyle.com.

OUT: Paying for cupcakes IN: Finding a senior who works at Georgetown cupcakes to give you free ones

The recession clearly hasn’t affected the cupcake trade’s sky-high prices. And with their sugary, delicious pastries, shops must figure that they’ve got a monopoly on consumers’ taste buds, and therefore their wallets. While this might be true, it’s much easier for students to just buddy up to the Chosen Ones, the select few students granted a job at Georgetown Cupcake. A major perk of the job is access to the leftover cupcakes at the end of the day. You know what that means.

OUT: The Office IN: Modern Family

It’s sad to see The Office” go, but it’s time. You’ve had a good long run, my friend, but now the jokes are even staler than “that’s what she said,” Michael’s idiocy is no longer plausible and PB&J are finally united. To fill the void, ABC’s Modern Family, a comedy about an extended family, is ready to step in.  It’s hilarious, fresh and worthy of a “Dundy” itself.

OUT: fml.com IN: textsfromlastnight.com

It’s raining. FML. My head hurts. FML. Facebook’s status feed is clogged with unfunny FMLs. FML. The FML craze got way out of hand last year. The newest Internet phenomena, is Textsfromlastnight.com. Puzzling, yet comical texts are displayed for the entire world to see. In fact, ending up on Textsfromlastnight.com is one of the few situations actually worthy of an FML. It doesn’t matter though, because FML is officially OUT.

OUT: AIM IN: OoVoo/Skype/Video Chat

AIM’s departure may be more suited to the In/Out lists of 2000, but to those last few still clinging on to their little yellow men, it’s time to let go. OoVoo and Skype are the way of the future and provide much more technologically advanced features. Just think; no more will you just have to take someone’s word that they are “loling.” You will actually be able to see them laugh. Out loud. Oh, the future is bright.

"Glee" captured everyone's attention in its very first season. Photo courtesy of gleefan.net.

OUT: Lost” IN:Glee”

2010 marks the year that “Lost” forever departs, and as one of the few who never got into it, I will not be at all sad to see the convoluted plots and outlandish stories leave. Besides, just as juicy schemes and dreams can be found on Fox’s “Glee,” plus singing and dancing! What’s not to love?

OUT: G2G IN: Goodbye

The same goes for “ttyl” and “gr8.” They were cool for maybe a minute in 2002, but they no longer show chatting mastery. A simple, though perhaps unfamiliar to keyboards “goodbye” works just as well. If your fingers are really that lazy, “cya” would be fine also. Just no more chatting lingo. Urban Dictionary’s moment has passed.