Photo of Yesterday, Nov. 4: music fills the halls between class periods


Ava Ohana

Social worker Jacklyn Amankwa plays music on Whitman’s loudspeaker between fourth and fifth periods on Thursday.

By Ines Foscarini

Whitman’s school-based mental health professionals played music between class periods on Thursday and Friday to reduce stress and motivate students and staff at the end of the first marking period. 

Social workers Jacklyn Amankwa and Julian Smith and school psychologist Marianela Clow wanted to promote mental health and encourage productivity as the quarter came to an end, according to Amankwa. The mental health professionals played music from a computer over the loudspeaker during each five-minute transition between class periods. 

“With grades, papers and exams, we hope to release some type of stress,” Amankwa said. “We think playing music will help students get through the day.” 

Students will have the opportunity to submit song requests in a recommendation box located in the main office, according to office secretary Prince Blake. For Blake, the music is a small, but important step towards improving students’ mental health. 

“A lot of people don’t know that music can help with mental illnesses,” Blake said.

The end of the quarter is stressful for many students due to final assignments and college application deadlines, junior Mae Olevsky said. For students like Olevsky, the music was a welcome surprise. 

“I enjoyed the music,” Olevsky said. “It was a nice change of pace and made walking in the halls more enjoyable.”