Volume 58 Staff

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Volume 58 Staff

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Online Editor-in-Chief: Dana Herrnstadt

Print Editor-in-Chief: Alex Robinson

Online Managing Editors: Ally Navarrete and Anna Yuan

Print Managing Editors: Katie Hanson and Max London

Online Copy Editor: Hirari Sato

Print Copy Editor: Meera Dahiya

How we work and play editors: Aditi Gujaran, Sara Azimi, Bennett Solomon (sports)

Where we live section editors: David Villani, Blake Layman.

How we see the world section editors: Clara Koritz Hawkes, Emma Iturregui, Mateo Gutierrez

How we learn section editors: Zara Ali, Isabel Hoffman, Danny Donoso

Multimedia editors: Jack Gonzalez and Jack Middleton

       Multimedia intern: Bella Grumet

Online production head: Alex Silber

Print production heads: Joey Sola-Sole and Noah Grill

Production assistants: Kyle Crichton, Sam Rubin, Sam Nickerson, Samantha Levine and Jacqueline Lococo

Photo directors: Kurumi Sato and Annabel Redisch

Photo assistants: Charlie Sagner and Dakota Gambrell

Webmasters: Eva Ginns and Jonathan Young

Traffic Manager: Zoe Chyatte

Communications and social media directors: José Wray, Isabelle van Nieuwkoop

Yearbook Liaisons: Meera Dahiya and Anna Labarca

Puzzles editors: Kaya Ginsky and Mathilde Lambert

Business managers: Khanya Dalton and Min Yeung

       Business assistant: Shivani Sawant

How we work and play writers: Meera Schroff, Afsoon Movahed, Anna Kulbashny, Ben Stricker, Eve Titlebaum, Gabe Schaner, Matthew Mande, Mia Friedman, Molli Hillman, Bella Grumman, Reuben Stoll, Eli Putnam, Ella Adams, James Marzolf-Miller and Andrew Eagle

Where we live writers: Celina Fratzscher, Heather Wang, Jesse Rider, Lexie Fleck, Sammy Heberlee, Emily London, Ben Waldman, Jocelyn Mintz, Emily Sporkin

How we see the world writers: Holly Adams, Bella Brody, Spencer Ellis, Jaclyn Morgan, Eva Levy, Esme Padgett, Chloe Lesser, Emmanuel Mesali, Bella Grumet

How we learn writers: Ethan Wagner, Ben Baisinger-Rosen, Ellie Taylor, Jack Mcguire, Sarah Tong, Lucy Goldberg, Bella Learn, Sam Mulford, Lincoln Pollan, Taylor Haber

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