Nate Tinbite elected 42nd Student Member of the Board


Alex Silber

Nate Tinbite was elected Wednesday to be Montgomery County’s 42nd SMOB.

By Sydney Miller

Montgomery County students elected Kennedy junior Nate Tinbite as the 42nd Student Member of the Board April 24. Tinbite won about 74%* of the vote, with 85% total voter turnout, according to Bethesda Beat.

Tinbite’s election falls in line with an informal Black & White survey in which 78.6% of students said they intended to vote for him. His platforms, outreach and involvement in social advocacy movements attracted Whitman students to him.

“I voted for Nate because he came to our school,” junior Deanna Adams said. “I also really liked the stuff he did with the March For Our Lives.”

Tinbite feels as though his election was in itself a success, and he is easing into his new position.

“My message to the student body of MCPS truly has been spread,” Tinbite said. “For now, I’m maintaining communication and am slowly transitioning into my seat.”

*This statistic was updated due to a previous reporting error