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Baseball defeats B–CC 3–2

By Sara Azimi

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The baseball team (7–1) took down the B–CC Barons (8–1) 3–2 in a back and forth game Thursday.

The Vikes took the lead early, scoring one run in the first inning when second baseman Harry Kaplan stole home. Impressive pitching from both sides made it difficult for either team to score.

The Barons scored in the third inning, but the Vikes rallied and scored twice more. Center fielder Justin Carboni hit a homerun in the fourth then stole home in the sixth to put the Vikes ahead 3–1.

Heading into the seventh, Barons right fielder John Hemmer led off the inning with a double, cutting the lead to only one run. Tyler DeMartino took over as pitcher for the Vikes and pitched two strikeouts in a row to end the game.

“When B–CC started to come back, we kept our composure for the most part and trusted that we were the better team,” third baseman Sean Farren said.

Harry Kaplan is a sports writer for The Black and White.

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