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Online Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Mande

Print Editor-in-Chief: Eva Herscowitz

Online Managing Editors:  Hannah Feuer and Rebecca Hirsh

Print Managing Editors: Jessica Buxbaum and Eric Neugeboren

Online Copy Editors: Jessie Solomon and Ivy Xun

Print Copy Editors: Matthew van Bastelaer and Mira Dwyer

News Editors: Zoe Kaufmann, Sydney Miller and Matthew Proestel

Opinion Editors : Ella Atsavapranee and Katherine Sylvester

Feature Editors: Camerynn Hawke, Julia McGowan and Yiyang Zhang

Sports Editors: Chris Atkinson, Max Gersch and Elyse Lowet

Multimedia Editors: Anjali Jha and Maeve Trainor

Columnist Editors: Maddy Frank and Jenny Lu

Puzzles Editors: Cam Jones and Eva Liles

Multimedia Team: Luka Byrne, Arthur Varner and Sam White

Head of Online Production: Selina Ding

Head of Print Production: Julia Rubin

Production Managers: Sophie deBettencourt and Jana Warner

Graphics Manager: Landon Hatcher

Production Assistants: Zoe Chyatte, Noah Grill, Alex Silber and Joey Sola-Sole

Business Managers: Lexie Johnson, Azraf Khan and Matt Boyer

Photo Director: Lukas Gates

Webmasters: Anthony Breder and Caleb Hering

Communication Director: Cami Corcoran

Social Media Director: Naren Roy

Business Assistant: Khanya Dalton

Photo Assistants: Annabelle Redisch and Kurumi Sato

Senior Columnists : Shehrez Chaudhri, Ariana Faghani, Brooke McLeod, Becca Mills, Elyssa Seltzer and Jeremy Wenick

News Writers: Lily Cork, Max London, Katie Hanson, Blake Layman, Meera Dahiya, Lukas Troost, Zara Ali, Joseph Ferrari and Anna Yuan

Opinion Writers: Calli Lipping, Will Brown, Hirari Sato, Dana Herrnstadt, David Villani, Emma Iturregui, Ted Rock and Alex Brodie

Feature Writers: Isabel Hoffman, Emma Shaffer, Lily Goldberger, Clara Koritz-Hawkes, Alex Robinson, Jack Gonzalez, Anna Labarca, Danny Donoso, Aditi Gujaran and Jack Middleton

Sports Writers: Julia Forlini, Ally Navarette, Mateo Gutierrez, Jose Wray, Isabelle van Nieuwkoop, Sara Azimi and Bennett Solomon

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