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An inside look: Whitman’s view on school safety

By Anjali Jha and Maeve Trainor

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Anjali Jha, Multimedia
1,471 total views, 2 views today Grade: 10th Interests: Filming with iPhones Why did you join the Black & White?  I wanted to be a part of a reputable news source. Why are you well suited to write/edit for your section or to perform your job?   Because writing is hard yanow 🙂
Maeve Trainor, Multimedia
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2 Responses to “An inside look: Whitman’s view on school safety”

  1. Strong Conservative on April 18th, 2018 6:19 pm

    I think y’all should interview more Conservatives when talking about this topic and less Liberals. This is not fair for us, as pretty much everyone in this video is a Liberal. It would be more interesting if you had a mix of the two.



    MAtt Guerci Reply:

    why tho


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