Double eighth period homecoming pep rally prevents fire hazard


Poms dancers perform at the homecoming pep rally. Administration split the school into two pep rallies this year to prevent fire hazards. Photo by Jefferson Luo.

By Rebecca Hirsh

The SGA will hold two separate homecoming pep rallies during a double eighth period Oct. 13, due to the gym’s safety regulations.

“The gym is at capacity, beyond capacity in fact,” assistant principal Rainer Kulenkampff said. “We have a lot more students this year and we just had to make the right call, keep in mind the safety of the students and make sure we’re following fire code.”

The SGA first considered having an underclassmen and upperclassmen pep rally but decided it was better to have all grades present at both.

“We’ll have a mix of all grades to create a similar vibe as in years past,” junior class SGA representative Danielle Hazan said. “The grades are only getting bigger, but for now I think this is a pretty good solution.”

As for those performing at the pep rally, the switch will affect aspects of their performance.

“People are able to enjoy the pep rally more when they aren’t crowded into the gym,” poms dancer Bella Young said. “Also there’s more space on the gym floor for us to use.”

Other students are concerned that splitting up the school will decrease school spirit.

“Rather than the event being a true spirit booster, it makes it seem more superficial than an actual school event,” senior Ben Horton said. “But I don’t know what else they’d do, so if it’s a hazard then I guess it’s for the best.”