625: A Crossword Odyssey

By Justin Baker and Joey Squeri


“625: A Crossword Odyssey”
By Justin Baker and Joey Squeri
1. Sacred object often associated with spirits or animism
2. A musical with no spoken dialogue
3. Steinbeck novel set in the Salinas Valley
4. Poetry competition
5. Make amends for
6. “Put it on my ___”
7. ___ love, ___ life
8. Manager, abbr.
9. UN division that oversees labor rights, abbr.
10. Basketball position typically associated with “big men”
11. Actor known for his role in Parks and Rec
12. What you do with an oar
13. “You know what it is: black and ______”
14. To intensify
15. Exclamation of grief or disappointment
16. Reckless, impulsive
17. The science guy
18. Colorful variety of parrot
19. When a textbook has many writers beyond the first
20. Open pavilion often found in Buddhist temples; also the name of a DC Thai restaurant
21. Hot, dry, having little rain
33. “A long time __ in a galaxy far, far away”
35. Chemistry rule for valence electrons
37. Many female sheep
38. Disease that threatened China in the early 2000s, abbr.
41. One should drive under the speed ____
42. Top English soccer league, abbr.
43. How to express amusement in an internet conversation, abbr.
45. Beverage conglomerate that creates Brisk, Mountain Dew and the titular Cola
47. Consumed food
49. Protective material placed in front of a door on which one wipes their shoes
51. 2000 lbs
52. A long-handled box for carrying bricks
53. Evidence proving someone was elsewhere while a crime occurred
54. Mrs. Havisham’s house in Great Expectations
55. ESPN play-by-play sportscaster Dave _____
56. Mucus
57. German midfielder who has played for Bayern and Madrid, ____ Kroos
58. 95-story London skyscraper
60. Feeling blue or down is to be ___
61. Pattern on many flannels
66. HP’s liquid gold
67. Chinese principal of the universe associated with darkness and the earth
69. Rate that you expend energy at rest, abbr.
71. Female chicken
72. Having two aspects
73. How many houses of legislature Iran has
75. Predatory fish whose skeleton is composed of cartilage
77. Walkway between seats
79. Famous surrealist
80. A musical group of two people
82. Lou Gehrig’s Disease, abbr.
83. “Spiderman” creator Stan ___
84. Bert’s counterpart on “Sesame St.”
88. “Black Beatles” musician __ Sremmurd
89. Skateboarding trick where the rider and their board are both airborne without use of hands
91. What you can do by lying in the sun
92. Moist
93. Cassius Clay’s adopted surname
94. Business structure combining aspects of partnerships and corporations, abbr.
95. Places of worship in A Song of Ice and Fire
96. The degree you get from business school, abbr.
97. Inquire
98. Where a pig lives
99. What BP spilled
100. “Watch me whip, now watch me __ __”
102. Bookstore: “Politics and _____”
103. Put down
104. Florida city in Northern Florida
105. Wrath, anger
107. Rotations per minute, abbr.
110. The police are its long arm
111. Group promoting worldwide water access, abbr.
113. Challenge someone to do something
114. Danny Brown’s October 2013 album
117. The Romanovs
118. How you test for cervical cancer: ___ smear
119. Daughters of Zeus presiding over the arts and sciences
120. Possessing many years
121. Bug spray company
122. In a state of doing nothing
123. Beetle Bailey’s abusive superior
124. Ostrich relative
126. Chess rating system
127. Chinese dynasty following the Zhou
129. Harding administration’s famous scandal
130. Frozen princess with ice powers
131. Public disturbance typically characterized by group violence and destruction of public property
133. To ____ is to figure out how to do something
135. Medical research center in Bethesda, abbr.
137. Yellow citrus fruit
141. International organization focusing on sustainability reporting, abbr.
142. Noah put two kinds of each animal on this in the Bible
143. Situation in which two runners appear to be exactly even when they cross the finish
145. Yiddish phrase expressing exasperation
146. School cop official title, abbr.
147. A public broadcast of information for everyone’s benefit, abbr.
149. Obtain or secure
150. City that is at war with Greece in the Odyssey
152. To court someone is to ___ them
153. To sum two numbers is to __
157. Finally
159. 2014 Pac-12 champions
160. Light shade of brown
161. A Passover dinner
163. Go Quickly! Make ___!
165. Scombrid fish prized in sport fishing
167. Cloud-based analytics start up
168. A person who operates something
169. Fleetwood Mac song from the Tusk album that got Stevie Nicks sued
170. When a hot beverage is served cold instead of warm
171. Harry Potter journalist ___ Skeeter
172. Black & White feature writer ____ Levin
173. A large amount
176. Sudan president ____ al-Bashir wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity
178. A high European mountain
180. If you were to spell out the sound of the letter “D”
182. Avenue, abbr.
183. Greek tragedy later used in Freud’s theories: Oedipus ___
184. Psychometric theory also known as Latent Trait Theory, abbr.
185. ΣΔΤ sorority’s English letter abbreviation

1. Fingers of the feet
5. The type of bomb Truman chose to drop
11. Force open
14. Deserve something
18. Elevated area of land with flat top
22. Gemstone form of Silica
23. What your headphones do when you set them down
24. Fish eggs
25. Kill, defeat
26. Test to get into a college in Australia, abbr.
27. Tape manufacturer
28. Fairy King in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
29. Tool used for piercing holes
30. What you put things in when not using them
31. Slang form of California
32. AP Lit and Honors US History teacher
34. A small child
36. What you use to walk a dog
38. Varieties include Caesar, Cobb, Kale and Chicken
39. CCP leader responsible for the Great Leap Forward
40. Type of pen
42. Someone who will become president soon is the President-____
44. Nocturnal bird of prey
45. A dog’s foot
46. NYC toy store ___ Schwarz
48. Former Mexican economic policy: ______ substitution
50. Go-to conversation topic when among unfamiliar people
53. Egyptian snake
56. A written instruction to ignore an edit on a paper
58. Not large
59. Technical term for a sixth sense, abbr.
62. When one responds to injustice with injustice, one _____ to the enemy’s level
63. LA Angels baseball team, abbr.
64. A mass of tissue
65. When you successfully strike a baseball and get on base
66. Boot-shaped country
68. They justify the means
69. Very small pieces
70. “___ ring to rule them all”
71. Accessory for the head
72. The leader of a mafia
74. A raised platform
76. Shakespeare writes in ____ pentameter
78. Dating app
80. The act of scoring by placing the ball through the hoop rather than shooting
81. Breathe in
85. Someone from Ireland is ____
86. Used at the end of a list
87. Country bordering Qatar, abbr.
88. Musician ___ Stewart
90. Notifications
92. Trump wants one of these
95. Latin name for the sun
96. Spanish word for “bad”
97. Soccer club that Ozil plays for
98. Male offspring
101. Math term for an oval
104. The Washington monument is this type of Egyptian structure
106. Property that causes an object to stay in motion
108. An involuntary habit
109. A re-creation
112. To bother is to ___
113. Female deer
115. Our feeder middle school
116. Canadian capital
117. What you drive a golf ball off of
118. Buddy, friend
119. Female parent
121. Moves upwards
125. Low or hollow places
127. Solid
128. English province in Northern Ireland
132. What covers your teeth
134. Whitman principal ____ Goodwin
136. Large primate
137. Psychedelic drug, abbr.
138. Biblical prophet and high priest. Also one of the crossword creator’s middle names
139. Country bordering Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil
140. Expression of surprise
144. A hunter in Greek mythology
146. Perceive
147. Texas city El ___
148. Crew training machine
149. Another term for the top floor or attic
151. Bashful
152. Heats
154. Past tense verb form of “to spit”
155. High speed data coverage outside of wifi, abbr.
156. Native American tribe in North Dakota
158. The set of spiritual folkways developed from the African diaspora
160. Underlying natural order of the universe described by Laozi
161. An act that violates religious commands
162. A single point of ink
163. King of Judea during the events of the New testament
164. Rap group from Compton
166. Texas Christian University, abbr.
169. What a policeman uses to signal that they want you to pull over
172. Ethanol is ____ alcohol
174. A term of agreement often used in group voting
175. An electrode through which current flows into a polarized electric device
177. The opposite of a base
178. Used to treat a sunburn
179. Advertisements, abbr.
181. Tacky, gaudy
186. When you add additional things, you add ___ to the total
187. A network of blood vessels
188. Creator of the HBO series “Girls” ____ Dunham
189. A group of tennis games
190. To do more than is necessary
191. Alternate Latin name for cupid
192. The sixth month of the year on the Hebrew calendar
193. Not the present or future
194. Informal way of referring to a t-shirt
195. To be beside something is to be ____ __ it
196. An approach to web design that considers the size of the viewer’s screen, abbr.