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Weekly news round-up: Sept. 1

By Matthew Farr

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Graphic by Charlotte Alden.

Graphic by Charlotte Alden.

Here are some quick links to news that happened this week.

Donald Trump goes to Mexico
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Mexico Wednesday ahead of a highly-anticipated speech on immigration that was made that evening. He discussed measures for controlling immigration— which may include building a border wall— with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. Nieto called the talks “open and constructive.”

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E.T. is that you?
Unlikely. Early in the week, Russian radio telescopes picked up signals that were registered as coming from a star in the nearby Hercules constellation. Scientists at the time said that the area where the signal originated could be suitable for life, raising the possibility that extraterrestrial life existed. However, after more research, scientists backed off, saying that they were not confident extraterrestrial life was behind the signal. Better luck next time.

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US reaches goal of resettling Syrian 10,000 refugees
The United States has reached a pre-set goal to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country in the 2016 fiscal year more than a month ahead of schedule. While admitting the most vulnerable refugees was the priority, all of the refugees had to go through a lengthy screening process before gaining entry.

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