Softball shut out by Wootton 9–0

By Joey Squeri

[score id=”50183″ align=”right”] The girls softball team (4–9) was shut out by the Wootton Patriots 9–0 Thursday, as an offensive slump plagued the Vikes.

The Vikes were able to get a lot of baserunners on, but simply struggled to get them in.

“We just couldn’t get our runners home this game,” shortstop Lucy Cronin said.

While the Vikings stumbled with runners in scoring position, the Patriots excelled. Timely hits and heads-up baserunning allowed them to mount a 9–0 lead.

Although the Patriots hit the ball hard, the squad kept their defense solid.

“We were able to minimize our errors on defense,” Cronin said. “They just hit the ball hard.”

This game also marked the annual JV call-ups, as three players were selected to move up to varsity.

The Vikes hope to get immediate contributions from their newcomers for the next games to come.

The team will next play away Saturday against Rockville at 2:30.