Confessions of an iPhoned student

By Julia Pearl-Schwartz

Just a few weeks ago, I was the girl without a smart phone.  I was the one who couldn’t be in group messages, the one who couldn’t text pictures, the one who didn’t have a Snapchat.

But when I received an iPhone as a gift from my parents a few weeks ago, my life immediately changed.

Although I’ve had my new phone for a few weeks now, even the simple act of switching it on excites me.  I love swiping the home screen to unlock it, using my fingerprint to identify myself, and how the apps bobble around when I twist my hand.

But my favorite part is probably how quickly I’m able to communicate with friends.  iMessage dramatically expedites the texting process with people who also have iPhones, which, realistically, is almost the entire school.

Autocorrect on my phone is another luxury that, at least for me, was unprecedented.  I love that my phone can fix all of my typos, and somehow always knows what I’m trying to say– except, of course, when it doesn’t (which just provides yet another source of entertainment).

Obviously, this new procrastination-inducing device is at least sometimes a nuisance.  I despise how addictive my phone is.  Both during a particularly monotonous class and when I’m just trying to relax, no matter how hard I try to resist, I can’t help but check my phone each time it buzzes or the yellow Snapchat icon pops up on the screen.

Not to mention homework also takes me longer to complete now, considering how my phone somehow finds its way to my desk by the end of every study session even if I put it on silent when I start.

Then again, despite being distracting, it’s incredibly useful to have immediate access to Google when confusing homework questions pop up.  I love how texting a friend for homework help is now a breeze, and looking up difficult words no longer requires a computer or dictionary. Plus, the Dictionary and Youtube apps are helpful for finding all sorts of definitions and explanations, respectively.

While my iPhone has proven to be incredibly distracting, it has definitely been a great addition to my life.  My copious amounts of Snapchats and texts have been a source of both entertainment and learning. Who knew you could send Snapchat videos?  I’m looking forward to more revelations to come.

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