The Black and White

Teacher’s side business stirs student body

By Jenny Baldwin November 25, 2009

*By Sarah Craig and Megan Dwyer* News of social studies teacher Courtney Osborne’s “relationship enhancement products” website went viral Nov. 24, spreading the word of her outside business to...

“Jennifer’s Body” lacks humor, suspense

By Jenny Baldwin September 30, 2009

*By Aaron Hoffman* If you’re looking for a movie that will scare you, this isn’t it.  If you’re looking for a movie that will surprise you, this still isn’t it.  But if you’re one of...

Facebook applications become increasingly ridiculous

By Jenny Baldwin September 14, 2009

*By Rachel Nussbaum* Applications. Nope, I don’t mean college or job applications. This type’s more important. Sure, Farmville has a more videogame-like format than applications of the...

Attendance office moves, guidance counselors reunited

By Jenny Baldwin September 14, 2009

*By Alex Zimmermann*         Students who used to sprint down the front hall to get a late pass in the morning must now walk directly into the main office to access...

Eminem and Mariah’s war of words escalates

By Jenny Baldwin September 14, 2009

*By Julia Dane* Rapper Eminem has never censored the words that come out of his mouth before, and he definitely isn’t doing it now. Notorious for bashing celebrities and causing controversy...

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