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Whitman-centered Tumblr pokes fun at student life

By Carolyn Freeman

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Sneaking out to lunch, Dr. Goodwin’s twitpics and drumline all create hallway chatter, but now they’re on students’ dashboards too.

WhatShouldVikesCallMe takes aspects of student life and puts them online. Screenshot by Carolyn Freeman.

The Tumblr blog WhatShouldVikesCallMe is a Whitman-centered blog run by an anonymous student. The blog launched May 9 and has 56 followers.

WhatShouldVikesCallMe is a spin-off of the popular Tumblr #WhatShouldWeCallMe. It takes GIFs — short, looping video clips from TV shows or movies — and applies a Whitman-related caption to it.

The blog touches on many aspects of Whitman life, from teachers and AP classes to bRAVE and the infamous December party. One of the posts has a GIF of “Hunger Games” characters Katniss and Peeta running as fast as they can, with a caption that says, “stealing an AP book from the CIC”.

The idea came from the recent Tumblr trend of captioning GIFs, the creator of the blog said. The blogger created the page and showed it to friends, who found it funny and relatable. The blogger then saw the potential in a Whitman-life centered blog and made more GIFs relating to the school.

The blogger did not expect the blog to get as popular as it has become, especially on Facebook, the blogger said.

“I expected it to be a flop,” he or she said.

Students can email or message their ideas for posts to the site creator. The blogger said the site receives a lot of suggestions, which usually have to do with academics, teachers’ quirks and recent events that affected the school.

Though the blogger receives a lot of emails asking about his or her identity, staying anonymous allows followers to focus more on the site’s humor.

“As far as my followers know, I could be in every single sport I mention, have every teacher I mention, and have gone to every event I poke fun at,” the blogger said.

WhatShouldVikesCallMe isn’t the only website to poke fun at Whitman life. The school also has a page on the website “High School Memes.” The page features popular memes with captions, like “You mean to tell me taking 5 AP’s isn’t normal?” and “Y u no beat WJ?”

Junior Adriana Frayne prefers whatshouldvikescallme to “High School Memes” because the posts are more specific to student life.

“I like the Tumblr more,” she said, “It’s more relatable and it has real examples of stuff that happens at Whitman.”

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The Student News Site of Walt Whitman High School
Whitman-centered Tumblr pokes fun at student life