The Black and White

GPA should be weighted on 100-point scale, allow for more transparency

By Sarah Friedman

April 7, 2014

Everyone knows the feeling of missing one too many questions on a math quiz, agonizing for days over the resulting 89.3 percent and begging the teacher to bump it up, only to end up with a B in the class. Read More »...

Ricin case: Judge rules Milzman must stay in jail

Georgetown sophomore Danny Milzman was arrested for posession of the biological toxin ricin March 18. A U.S. District Court Judge recently ruled that Milzman is required to stay in jail pending trial.

By Sarah Friedman

March 31, 2014

Updated Monday, March 31. A federal judge ruled Monday afternoon that Danny Milzman (’12) must remain in jail pending trial after Milzman was charged with possession of the biological toxin ricin. Read More »...

New county database tracks harassment, teacher-student incidents

By Sarah Friedman

March 30, 2014

The convenience of communication through social media, email and texting can make it difficult for staff and students to draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate conversations and interactions. Read More »...

Spring break road trip guide

By Sarah Friedman

March 11, 2014

It’s not too late to make spring break plans. Most juniors and seniors will have their licenses by April, so why not hit the highway? Here are some road trip ideas to put the stress of grades and school behind you, if only for a few days. Read More »...

Young teachers bring modern, fun environment to the classroom

By Sarah Friedman

February 2, 2014

Starting a teaching career fresh out of college can be exciting and scary, especially when the age difference between teachers and students is relatively small. The Black & White talked to three of Whitman’s youngest teachers, who shared their experiences going straight from behind a college desk...

MSAs to be replaced by computerized tests

By Sarah Friedman

January 9, 2014

Computer screens will replace pencils and free response questions will join multiple choice when the PARCC assessment replaces the MSA as the standardized test for Maryland students next school year. The assessments will cover English and mathematics in grades three through 11. Read More »...

Photo of the Day: November 19

Cole Hinga and Heaton Talcott participated in the annual blood drive hosted by INOVA Health and the leadership class.

By Sarah Friedman

November 19, 2013

Cole Hinga and Heaton Talcott participated in the annual blood drive hosted by INOVA Health and the leadership class. "We've gotten more donors than I've ever seen," said junior class officer and co-head of the drive Mia Carmel. Read More »...

Tech Mod ’13 update: MCPS employees attempt to fix problems

By Sarah Friedman

October 7, 2013

A team of seven MCPS central office employees worked with IT systems specialist Greg Thomas Oct. 4 and Oct. 7, to fix all of the school’s technology issues. Read More »...

Handheld cell phone use now a primary offense in Maryland

By Sarah Friedman

October 3, 2013

Talking on a handheld cell phone while driving became a primary offense Oct. 1 in order to make existing communication device laws easier for officials to enforce. Read More »...

AP Spanish Language students face test invalidation

By Sarah Friedman

June 4, 2013

Thirty-six AP Spanish Language students will have to retake part of their exam or forfeit college credit for the course because of an error in proctoring the test. Read More »...

Abercrombie’s shaming of customers is a bad look

By Sarah Friedman

May 25, 2013

I don’t think I was the only one who cringed when I read that Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries only wants “thin, beautiful people” shopping at his stores. Read More »...