The Black and White

Classical Me unites student musicians in biannual concert

Students participate in the final Classical Me concert of the year April 28. The concert featured 24 student musicians, from vocalists to instrumentalists. Photo by Hanna Lee.

By Lucy Chen

April 30, 2012

Ninety minutes of beautiful classical music wowed the audience at St. Dunstan’s Church Saturday at the second and final Classical Me of the year. Read More »...

Identification measures won’t stop cheating on the SAT

By Lucy Chen

April 27, 2012

In this pressure cooker country of high-stakes testing, it’s no wonder that some students turn to cheating. After students in a cheating ring in Long Island paid other teens thousands of dollars to take tests for them over the last few years, SAT and ACT test-makers created more stringent testing identification...

Junior named finalist in National Geographic photo contest

Photo courtesy Billy Bird.

By Lucy Chen

April 26, 2012

While many students are content to see their photographs displayed at the Festival of the Arts each May, junior Billy Bird was recently recognized by National Geographic. Bird’s image of paddlers at sunset placed fifth out of 1,800 student entries in the National Geographic’s Student Expeditions...

Photo of the Day: April 23

The Black & White online won an Online Pacemaker from the National Scholastic Press Association, as announced last week. Over 150 entriesPhoto by Carolyn Freeman.

By Lucy Chen

April 23, 2012


Concussion panel offers advice to prevent increase in head injuries

By Lucy Chen

April 20, 2012

Hundreds of students and parents from area schools attended a panel about preventing, diagnosing and treating concussions in the auditorium April 19.  Read More »...

Photo of the Day: April 18

Photo courtesy Serena Russell.

By Lucy Chen

April 18, 2012

Senior Serena Russell won the Photo Club's third contest of the year last month. The theme was "Something Red." For more information about the club, please contact junior Talia Levinas. Read More »...

SGA Executive Board 2012-2013

By Lucy Chen

April 18, 2012

Congratuations to the SGA Executive Board for next year! Read More »

Photo of the Day: April 17

The NASA space shuttle Discovery flies over Whitman today on its tour over D.C. The shuttle traveled from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Photo by Charles Hemsley.

By Lucy Chen

April 17, 2012


Manos Unidas takes spring break service trip to Costa Rica

Students on the Manos Unidas club spring break trip to Costa Rica learn about the area's vegetation from locals. The students on the trip engaged in community service activities and excursions to learn about Costa Rica and its culture. Photo courtesy Julia Dionne.

By Lucy Chen

April 15, 2012

As part of the Manos Unidas club, I traveled to Costa Rica for a week over spring break to engage in a community service and culture trip. After a long 12 hours of traveling, we arrived at Earth University Saturday.  Read More »...

The Great Wall, paparazzi and rice hats: A spring break trip to China

Arts writer Laura Rostad traveled to China over spring break to visit some friends. She visited Hong Kong and Beijing.  Photo courtesy Laura Rostad.

By Lucy Chen

April 13, 2012

While most of my friends visited colleges over spring break, I was halfway around the world getting a taste of Chinese culture. Read More »...

Hallway posters waste paper, money for little benefit

Graphic by Chris Hodgman.

By Lucy Chen

April 12, 2012

This is a public service announcement: plastering posters for your club event on every flat surface in the school may seem like a great way to advertise, but it makes Whitman look like a subway station. Read More »...

I Drive Smart skid training program teaches car safety in emergencies

I Drive Smart offers a skid car. Photo by Abigail Pine.

By Lucy Chen

April 11, 2012

Looking out the window of the car, I saw an abandoned warehouse parking lot with a few scattered buildings in the distance and a small shack next to the lot. This wasn’t the set of a Hollywood movie, and I wasn’t a stunt-devil—even when the car started spinning out of control. Read More »...