‘The Tourist’ certainly isn’t an attraction

By Marina Diez

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“The Tourist” trailer seems believable — the rapid car chases, amazing sights of Vienna and two superstars. But despite the hype, you may walk out of the theater disappointed.

Photo courtesy http://screenrant.com.

The movie begins as Scotland Yard officials chase after the mysterious Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie). To protect her lover, who’s stolen money from his boss and the British Government, Ward tries to throw the cops off her trail on her way from Paris to Vienna. Pearce, her lover, informs Ward that she must find his doppelganger so that he can escape. She soon discovers Frank Tulepo (Johnny Depp), the perfect replacement on a train going to Vienna. Frank is then thrust into a series of car chases and near-death experiences.

The movie tries, but fails, to weave drama, romance, thriller and comedy together. The “climax,” which is an unexpected twist, isn’t as clever as it’s played out to be.

While the characters lacked depth and the director focused more on the sights of Vienna and Paris than the plot, Jolie and Depp fulfilled their roles with ease.

Portraying a confident, beautiful woman seems natural for Jolie, who is able to command attention with just a smile. Depp is surprisingly good at playing a seemingly normal man, and even managed to squeeze a laugh out of the audience every once in a while.

But even with the movie’s unique plot and star power, it doesn’t hold together. Don’t waste your money here. “The Tourist” is a forgettable experience.

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