Jaicko heats it up

By Tim Klepp

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Though winter is fast approaching, Jaicko is heating up the R&B scene with his newly released single “Oh Yeah.”  A native of Barbados, Jaicko infuses his unique brand of R&B with Caribbean influence creating a light and original sound. The catchy tune offers fans a sample of his widely-anticipated debut album, Can I, which is scheduled for release on Dec 1. Hoping to replicate his success in the Caribbean, Jaicko recently signed with Capitol Records, where he worked with Mary J. Blige and Ne-Yo to create “Oh Yeah.” 

Barbadian rapper Jaicko might just make it.  Photo courtesy of Capitol Records.

Barbadian rapper Jaicko might just make it. Photo courtesy of Capitol Records.

The pair’s influence is very apparent in the vocal effects; however Jaicko remains original through his lyrics.  Though he ironically confesses that “this song is a little annoying,” Jaicko goes on to assert that he’s “got the whole world singing, Oh yeah.”  Jaicko genuinely admits what the music industry already knows: catchy songs sell simply if they are catchy. 

Jaicko will likely appeal to fans across the United States due to his diverse sound, which is a result of his multi-ethnic background.  To bridge the cultural gap, he claims that if you “say [the song] in Spanish it sounds the same.”  Jaicko’s uplifting music can be powerful, unifying listeners around a shared enjoyment for his music, making it great for parties.

The “Oh Yeah” music video showcases Jaicko’s flashy lifestyle; “fresh kicks” and a “fitted cap to match” included.  While wooing a passing girl on the street, Jaicko likens her to a delicious muffin.  This teenage heartthrob will surely be a favorite for excited high school students at homecoming dances this fall as guys try to emulate his aura.

Barbados is full of artists who are crossing over to the American music industry.  Call it the Barbadian Invasion—Jaicko is a pioneer in a growing trend.  Fans of Jaicko should be sure to buy tickets to see his tour this year alongside Sean Kingston and the New Boyz when he appears at Love in D.C. on Nov 7.  Will Jaicko be able to make it in the United States?  I say oh yeah!

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