Football Defeats BCC, Rolls to 3-1

By Louis Wolff

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Varsity football defeated the BCC Barons 25-20, September 25, improving to 3-1.

The boys went up 18-0 early from two touchdown passes from quarterback Henry Kuhn to wide receiver Michael Flack and a 28-yard touchdown run by runningback Kevin Cecala. By the end of the half, the Vikings led 25-6 after another Kuhn touchdown pass, this time to Rico Djidotor.

In the second half, the Vikes allowed their lead to slip to 5, and although they did not score for the remainder of the game, they held off the Barons long enough and won 25-20.

This game marked the second straight week where Kuhn has thrown three touchdown passes and Flack has cought two of them.

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