Celebrating the Royal Wedding from across the pond

By Katie Guarino

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Royal Wedding fever has swept the nation. The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton has dominated media coverage over the past few weeks and was even the subject of a Lifetime movie. Still, in many American homes, the “wedding of the decade” went relatively unnoticed.

But at my house, the Royal Wedding meant a party.

My mom has always been fascinated by the royal family, especially by William’s mother, the late Princess Diana. So it only seemed natural that as the wedding date approached, she watched all the T.V. specials, read countless newspaper articles speculating on the designer of the bride’s dress and bought glossy magazines published about the event. My sister even proudly sports a replica of Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which Prince William also used to propose to Kate.

Scrumptious scones, strawberries and English tea line the breakfast table at the party. Hoping to catch a glimpse of real British royalty, Guarino and her family woke up at 4 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding April 29. Photo by Katie Guarino.

We knew we wanted to do something unique for the royal wedding, and after some brainstorming, we decided on a pajama party with tiaras.

To make sure everything would be ready when April 29 rolled around, we also held a wedding rehearsal dinner, complete with cucumber, egg salad and salmon tea sandwiches, scones and miniature brownies.

When the wedding day finally arrived, I woke up bright and early at 4 a.m. to watch live coverage of the nuptials, which aired at 9 a.m. in Britain.  I carefully positioned my tiara, sipped my cider and bit into my first strawberry.

By the time Prince William and Prince Harry arrived, looking quite handsome in their military regalia, I was already onto my second scone with Devonshire cream. And when Kate finally stepped out in her gorgeous Grace Kelly-inspired gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen’s fashion house, I dropped everything, including a bit of strawberry jam.

Suddenly, I wished I could wear elaborate hats and fascinators and become British for a day. But instead, I went to school, only to continue daydreaming about the beautiful wedding.

Best wishes to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but I’m still holding on to my dream of marrying a prince. Prince Harry, who needs the second-in-line to the throne position of your older brother? I’ll take you any day. But first, I’ve got to catch up on some beauty sleep.

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