Twenty-four bands prove they’re ‘Jammin’

By Marina Diez

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In a dimly lit, crowded room, the sound of chatter and clinking glasses echo. Suddenly, there’s a screech. Heads whip around to a large stage as the first band begins playing at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Va.

Bands performed in Jammin' Java from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13. Photo by Marina Diez.

The Jammin’ Java, a semi-annual competition, took place from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, with six bands performing each night. The winning band each night quallified to the final round of the Jammin’ Java Battle of the Bands, which will be held Feb. 18. There, the four bands will compete to receive $2,500 and studio time at Cue Recording Studios.

The first night started when local teen band Emotions hit the stage. The band, composed of students from Battlefield High School in Virginia, had a good sound but lacked stage presence. Their lead singer didn’t connect with the crowd and had little emotion while singing.

Afterward, Upper 90, an alternative pop-rock band from Wisconsin, completely bombed, missing almost every note. The night looked like it was going to be a complete disaster until the Aaron Thompson Band came on stage. Its ballads and dulcet melodies provided a welcome change of tempo.

The FIVES, a rock band form Virginia, kept the crowd jumping. The group commanded the stage, causing the crowd to bang their heads to each song’s rhythm. The Fielding Mellish took the stage soon after, shining with its catchy melodies and strange lyrics.

The Silver Liners closed the night on a sour note. One member of the five person band had the sole duty of head-banging with the crowd and starting mosh pits. The melodies and lyrics were OK and the guitar solos were amateur.

Despite some mishaps, the night was great overall. Jammin’ Java an experience that music lovers shouldn’t miss.

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