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February 27, 2024

Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday 2”: Every song ranked

On Friday, Dec. 8, Nicki Minaj ended her five-year-long hiatus from album production with the release of “Pink Friday 2.” Minaj’s new album, a sequel to 2010’s “Pink Friday,” reminds listeners that she never fails to be her most authentic self.

On Friday, Dec. 8, Nicki Minaj ended her five-year-long hiatus from album production with the release of “Pink Friday 2.” Minaj’s new album, a sequel to 2010’s “Pink Friday,” reminds listeners that she never fails to be her most authentic self. In her fifth studio album, she has stayed connected with her roots, using several genres and vocals that have led her to where she is now. She produces music that ranges from intense rap to playful singing and everything in between. As a result, “Pink Friday 2” broke the record for the biggest debut for a female hip-hop album on Spotify, scoring 41 million streams. Here’s The Black and White’s full 22-song ranking of Minaj’s latest, “Pink Friday 2.” 


  1. “Are You Gone Already” (2/10) 

The album starts on the wrong foot with the song “Are You Gone Already.” Picking up with a sample from Billie Eilish’s song “when the party’s over,” Minaj wrote the song as an ode to her father, who died in a hit and run in 2021. Although the message and lyrics are emotional, it feels repetitive and unnatural. After Eilish’s sample, Nicki comes in suddenly, with vocals that clash with Eilish’s somber tone. Unfortunately, this song wasn’t the best start to the album.
Best lyric(s): “Call me/Won’t you call me?/No you gone.”


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  1. “RNB” (feat. Lil Wayne & Tate Kobang) (2/10)

Despite being the lucky seventh track on “Pink Friday 2,” this song is an immediate skip. Lil Wayne enters a too-strong on an already unappealing beat. His verses sound child-like compared to Minaj’s strong vocals. To add to Lil Wayne’s already unpleasant rapping, Tate Kobang comes in with an equally unsatisfactory verse. Their parts were robotic and lacked enough effort that even Nicki couldn’t bring the song up to a higher level.

Best lyric: N/A


  1. “Beep Beep” (5/10)

Nicki Minaj blazes through what feels like a filler song on “Beep Beep.” She disses the haters with her lyrics quickly and fashionably. The song, barely 90 seconds, works as a transition for what’s coming.

Best lyric: “If I don’t even know you exist, is that beef?”


  1. “Cowgirl” (feat. Lourdiz) (5/10)

From the title “Cowgirl,” one could assume that track 10 is very explicit, and the song affirms those assumptions. The song preaches female confidence over sexuality, as Lourdiz and Minaj state repeatedly. The beat isn’t the most favorable, and neither is the “pop” vibe, but the song will appeal to a select crowd.

Best lyric: N/A


  1. “Just The Memories” (5.5/10)

As the album’s finale, the 22nd track works just as intended: a goodbye. The mellow beat is slower than other songs, serving as a solemn close to the album. The track speaks on past experiences and memories, serving as a strong closer for the album. 

Best lyric(s): “When every label turned me down, and then they laughed about it/I ‘member goin’ home and writin’ 50 more raps/Just ‘cause I knew you really wanted me to fall back.”


  1. “Forward From Trini” (Feat. Skillibeng and Skeng) (6/10)

As Nicki Minaj is from Trinidad, this song exemplifies Caribbean pride with two Jamaican artists, Skillibeng and Skeng. “Forward from Trini” is very different from her other songs. The track adds a lot of personality to the album by showcasing Minaj’s roots, allowing her listeners more insight into who she is outside her superstar personality. 

Best lyric: “Poppin’ out in Bengali/lookin’ just like a dolly.”


  1. “Bahm Bahm” (6/10)

Similar to “Beep Beep,” this song feels like filler. “Bahm Bahm” lacks substance and feels empty because of its basic beat. Originally, “Bahm Bahm” wasn’t supposed to be part of the album, but it was ultimately cut, unfortunately only serving to diminish the quality of the record. Minaj’s rapping on this track is flawless, but there could’ve been more effort in the production. 

Best lyric: “Me against you, you know who they gon’ decide.”


  1. “Blessings” (feat. Tasha Cobbs) (6.5/10) 

Among other explicit songs, Minaj includes a gospel-like track that adds personality and balance to the album. Throughout “Blessings,” Minaj and Cobbs praise God, and it’s a nice break from the 20 aggressive tracks that have led up to this one. It may seem out of place, but the song is catchy nonetheless. 

Best lyric: “You give me spiritual gifts I was afraid to lose.”


  1. “Nicki Hendrix” (feat. Future) (7/10)

The song “Nicki Hendrix” was supposed to be on her 2018 album “Queen,” but was cut and pushed to this album. The song is more of an R&B track stylistically, and Future takes the lead in a powerful feature. 

Best lyric: “Feelin’ destructive, leads to destruction.”


  1. “Pink Birthday” (7/10)

“Pink Friday 2” was released on Nicki Minaj’s birthday, hence the name of this track. Following “RNB,” this track is a palette cleanser, giving a taste of what’s to come with the rest of the album. 

Best lyric: “It’s okay, it’s your day, it’s your way – happy pink birthday.”


  1. “My Life” (7/10)

On track 15 of “Pink Friday 2,” Minaj once again addresses the haters, sampling “Heart of Glass” by Blondie. The beat is very catchy, and the sample elevates the song while adding extra meaning to the song’s theme.

Best lyric: “I got bigger fish to fry, that’s why I got a bigger net.”


  1. “Super Freaky Girl” (7/10)

“Super Freaky Girl” was released as a single in August of 2022, making it one of the older tracks on the album. The song was a viral hit on TikTok, and like many others, it has excellent production, mainly through its sample. The track includes the 1981 hit “Super Freak” by Rick James, featuring very explicit lyrics that resemble her 2014 song “Anaconda.” “Super Freaky Girl” is a hit and lives up to that purpose.

Best lyric: “They can’t be Nicki, they so stupid, I just laugh when they try.”


  1. “Let Me Calm Down” (feat. J.Cole) (7/10)

Cole and Nicki Minaj exceeded expectations with their first collaboration. Through discussion of difficulties behind relationships, the song is a rap track with a relaxed undertone. Nicki comes in with vocals we haven’t heard, adding a special component. Cole then comes in halfway through the song, delivering a minute of purely effortless bars, making for an excellent choice in feature.

Best lyric: “So if you love her, then you gotta learn to play your part.”


  1. “Pink Friday Girls” (7.5/10)

With a vibe similar to her iconic 2010 hit “Super Bass,” this track is for the “Barbz” or, in other words, the girls. With a sample of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper as the main attraction, the song is fun and lighthearted. “Pink Friday Girls” is a platform for all women who want to be independent, confident, and enjoy the moment, making it one of the top songs on the album. 

Best lyric: “He got that super bass, make my heart skip a beat.”


  1. “Fallin 4 U” (8/10)

The background vocals and chorus behind “Fallin 4 U” make this song exemplary compared to other songs on this album. The song follows through the stages of falling in love with someone, alongside the complexities and emotional vulnerability attached, setting it apart from Minaj’s often quick-paced and aggressive tracks. 

Best lyric: “Picture using me and the Barbz and never giving anything back.”


  1. “Everybody” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) (8/10)

Marking the halfway point of the album, Minaj uses a Jersey remix — a style of electronic music — of “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior for a fun pick-me-up. With a repetitive and ongoing beat, TikTok users used it to create a viral dance. While Lil Uzi Vert’s feature is undeniably disappointing, Nicki Minaj still managed to carry the track, making for an instant hit. 

Best lyric: “Short mad ‘cause she ain’t no (body).”


  1. “FTCU” (8.5/10)

Nicki clears the arena, presenting herself as the “Queen of Rap.” She openly trashes other female rappers with sharp, concise lyrics, getting straight to the point of being on top of the rap game. “FTCU” is the song one would expect to come from a Nicki Minaj album. The rapping is very specific to her style and is instantly captivating. 

Best lyric: “Spotify ain’t gotta lie, they really streaming my music.”


  1. “Last Time I Saw You” (8.5/10)

In “Last Time I Saw You,” Minaj displays her incredible singing skills on a pop-like beat. The song is more vulnerable, serving as a great example of Minaj’s range. “Last Time I Saw You” reflects Minaj’s past relationships and regrets. Released in early September, the 21st track didn’t reach the same fame as her other singles. Nonetheless, the song is astounding, and this track is worth a listen. 

Best lyric: “Maybe I pushed you away because I thought that I’d bore you.” 


  1. “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” (9/10)

First coming out as a single in March 2023, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” immediately became 13th on the Billboard Hot 100 because of its catchy beat. The song samples Lumidee’s 2003 hit “Never Leave You,” making for an instantly recognizable beat. Nicki’s rapping mixed with her vocals tops the track, adding variety and the perfect blend between the two.

Best lyric: “When the Queen leave, b****** wanna come out like a cockroach.”


  1. “Barbie Dangerous” (9/10)

The second track on the album, “Barbie Dangerous,” should’ve been the first. The beat is instantly catchy, asserting itself as one of the top songs on the album. Nicki acknowledges her dominance in the rap industry, as the title suggests. She speaks on her unique style and lack of competition with clean and effortless rapping that flows over the beat. Her mastery of lyricism shines through this song, each bar catching listeners off guard. 

Best lyric: “My throne, they can’t S-I-T, my crown you can’t F-I-T.”


  1. “Big Difference” (9/10)

“Big Difference” comes in hot with an instantly captivating beat that captures the listeners. Throughout the track, Nicki Minaj highlights her exemplary career in the music industry. A beat drop towards the middle elevates the track, asserting Nicki’s dominance over the rap industry.

Best lyric: “I ain’t nothing like you, you, or you.”


  1. “Needle” (feat. Drake) (10/10)

“Needle,” although different from the other tracks on her album, was a necessary addition. According to Minaj, the song was initially supposed to be a part of Drake’s most recent album, “For All the Dogs,” but she wanted it for her album instead. The island vibes from the song are vibrant enough to get anyone swaying to the beat. The song wasn’t what listeners expected from a Drake and Nicki collaboration, but essential for the album. “Needle” deserves all the limelight, as it’s effortlessly smooth and works to be a great listen in every situation.

Best lyric: “Immigrant to a boss, b****** bitter and mad.”

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