Best Buddies Club puts on annual talent show


Olivia Hansel

Members of the Best Buddies Club perform at the annual talent show on May 18.

By Olivia Hansel

On May 18, Whitman community members gathered in the commons for the annual Best Buddies Talent Show. The show consisted of 17 acts in which students sang, danced and recited poetry.

Since 2016, the annual show has provided students with disabilities the opportunity to showcase their talents through the Best Buddies Club. 

Best Buddies Club Officer Colin Koonce, a senior, hopes the show was a positive experience for the community. 

“We bring everyone together and have everyone perform with their families,” Koonce said. “It’s a fun last event. We only have a few more meetings and it’s a fun little transition we do every year.”

In meetings before the event, Best Buddies club members worked rigorously to prepare for the show by deciding who would be in each of the different groups, picking songs and practicing performances, Koonce said.

Junior Anderson Jones, who DJed the event, was thrilled for students, parents and staff to watch the show.

“It’s fun to see it into action,” Jones said. “There’s a lot of singing, dancing, acting and such. I feel so excited.” 

Special Education teacher Ryan Mullins sponsored the event and believes the show expands students’ abilities outside the classroom.

“We want students to feel they have an opportunity to show off something they feel is a talent,” Mullins said. “This is important because it really provides an opportunity for all students to feel they can show off what makes them unique and put their passion on display.”