Photo of the Day, Nov. 19: “Get twisted!”

By Stephanie Solomon

“Get twisted!” members of Whitman’s drumline shouted, proceeding to clash their cymbals together in unison. 

As the final bell rang this afternoon, students exiting the school building gathered to watch drumline members show off their musical prowess. Leadership students helped coordinate drumline’s mini-concert to celebrate the varsity girls soccer team’s acceleration to the 4A state championship. 

Drumline member Roman Gehres, who plays bass drum, said that the girls soccer team asked drumline to perform in order to generate excitement for tomorrow’s game.

“Girls soccer is one of Whitman’s best sports teams, and we always play at football games, so why not show support for them as well,” Gehres said. “People stopped to watch, people were getting into it, dancing a little bit.”

After drumline hit their final beat, the girls soccer team tore through the poster leadership students brandished, which read “Road 2 States… Final Stop.” 

“You gotta know the right time to show up, and we definitely showed up,” Gehres said.

The Maryland 4A State Championship will take place Nov. 20 at Loyola University Maryland at 7:30 p.m.