Charity Month recap


SGA members pose after cleaning up at Vike-a-Thon. The SGA raised over $35,000 throughout Charity month.

By Matt Mande

Whitman’s SGA holds fundraisers for various causes every February for what it calls “Charity Month.” Students, teachers and parents participate in several events, raising money for organizations including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Pencils for Promise and, most recently, Children’s National Hospital.

This year’s Charity Month held a special meaning for Whitman students and teachers. Currently, senior Ben Lesser is being treated for leukemia at Children’s National Hospital.

“I think that Charity Month meant a lot more to students and teachers this year than in past years,” senior Henry Stoner said. “Ben is the most selfless kid I know, and this month provided a way for the Whitman community to really help him and show our support.”

Throughout February, the SGA raised over $35,000. The month included bigger events like Vike-a-Thon and the Icebreaker 5k, as well as smaller fundraisers, including Singing Grams and a video game tournament. 

Whitman Idol

Charity Month kicked off with Whitman Idol Jan. 31, where nine students competed against each other in a singing competition. Following each performance, a panel of teacher judges provided feedback to the performer. 

Audience members paid $5 for tickets and voted for their favorite competitor at the end of the event. Whitman Idol raised a total of $2,000 and was a great experience for all those involved, winner Michaela Davis said.

“Everyone involved in the show is so nice, and it’s a lot of fun being able to meet new people and make friends through the production” Davis said. “This was my third year competing and my fourth year being a part of the show, and if I had the opportunity I would definitely do it again.”

Spirit Week

Following Whitman Idol, the SGA designated Feb. 3 to Feb. 7 as Spirit Week. Every day that week had a specific clothing theme — Pajama Monday, Denim Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Groutift Thursday and Flannel Friday. Throughout the week, students and teachers dressed to match the various themes.

“Spirit week is just a way to get the school to rally behind our cause,”  SGA member Brandon Hotchkiss said. “It introduces Charity Month and its cause in a fun way.”

Ledo Pizza Dine-Out

Whitman students and parents stopped by Ledo Pizza at the Kenwood Shopping center Feb. 6 to participate in the SGA’s dine-out. If customers mentioned the fundraiser when placing an order, 20% of the proceeds went to Children’s National Hospital. The dine out raised just over $340.

“The Ledo dine-out went great,” SGA member Liam O’Leary said. “It’s always great to work with a local restaurant for school events, and Ledo is always super helpful with dine-outs.”

Yard Sale

The SGA hosted their annual yard sale Feb. 8 and 9, where the SGA resells item donations like books, toys and furniture from families in the Whitman community. Sales totaled $650. 

Dollars to Donuts

For Dollars to Donuts, the SGA awarded third period classes a donut party if all students in the class brought $5 in cash to their teacher by Feb. 11. Spanish teacher Michele Traficante’s third period class was the only class to win a donut party, and all third period classes combined raised $340. 

Singing Grams

Students purchased Singing Grams for $5 each Feb. 11 and Feb. 12. On the Singing Grams, students wrote down the name of the person they wanted to receive it, along with the student’s teacher and a class period. On Valentine’s Day, the Guy Poms ran into the designated class, singing and dancing. The event raised $400.

Icebreaker 5k

Two hundred thirty participants signed up for the Icebreaker 5k, which took place at Whitman Feb. 23. Community members came out to run and support Children’s National Hospital.

“It’s definitely the most work out of all our charity month events because of all the logistics involved and what it takes to recruit enough runners,” 5k committee member Claire Sorkin said. “But seeing all our work come together on the day of the race is the best feeling.”

Over 20 local companies sponsored the event, covering the various costs and providing bagels, pizza and fruit for participants to eat following the race. The 5k raised almost $9,000.

Super Smash Bros Tournament

The SGA teamed up with the Super Smash Bros Club to set up a Super Smash Bros video game tournament. Students paid $5 to enter and play during lunch Feb. 24, 25 and 26.

The SGA organized the tournament and publicized the event while the Super Smash Bros Club provided Wii Switches, the video game console students used to play the game. Around 40 students participated in the tournament, raising $150. 


Charity Month concluded with Vike-a-Thon, a DJ-led dance in the gym. The event began at 7 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m.. Tickets cost $30 if bought online in advance and $40 if purchased at the door. Vike-a-Thon raised almost $24,000, more than all the other Charity Month events combined.

“We were able to raise a lot of money from it because our costs were relatively low, and with tickets being $30 a student, it’s our biggest fundraiser,” SGA advisor Katherine Young said. “Almost half the student body attends each year, and they always have fun.”