Hand on a Van competition cancelled due to lack of participation

By Matt Proestel

The Hand on a Van competition scheduled for March 10 was canceled after only five people signed up. Winners of the competition would have received administrator parking passes.

The event was part of the SGA’s FebMar charity month and was modeled after the competition featured on the show “Zoey 101,” SGA secretary Ellie Block said.

“The Hand on a Van competition was one of the first ideas I pitched when I joined leadership,” Block said. “The event would’ve helped us raise money toward our total fundraising goal.”

Some thought the prospect of winning a parking permit would’ve become more enticing following the last parking passes being given out last month, when dozens of students camped out at Whitman overnight for the chance to receive one of four unclaimed passes.

“I think that the initial system of giving passes to ‘those who needed it’ was extremely flawed and that this is a way to try to clean up the mess as a final way to get a parking pass,” senior Maya Stallard said.

Despite the initial buzz about the competition, some students viewed the competition as harsh and a waste of time.

“Hands on a Van only reached to those in need of a parking pass, which was only a small minority considering the rest either are underclassmen who can’t drive or people who got passes,” senior Ben London said. “When they realized that not enough people signed up, [SGA] realized that they were wasting their time.”