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SGA revives charity month for Children’s National

January 14, 2019

The SGA is bringing back a charity month to raise money for Children’s National Medical Center this year which will last six weeks from mid-February to mid-March and include events like spirit week, Vike-a-Thon and other smaller events.

In the 2016-17 school year, four weeks dedicated to different charities were spread out over second semester. Last year, students dedicated two months to raising money for Pencils for Promise; Jost Van Dyke, a British Virgin island that was hit by two hurricanes, and Children’s National. But the SGA found that the weeks weren’t cohesive, and students weren’t enthusiastic about them.

“My main concern is to hopefully get to what the height of LLS was like, where everyone was pumped for the month and getting excited to do it,” charity month chair Danielle Hazan said. “Hopefully it will be something that can continue over years to come and the system will work well so we can keep being successful in our fundraising efforts.”

Whitman will compete with Walter Johnson, Churchill, Bethesda Chevy-Chase and Wootton high schools to see which school can raise the most money for their respective charities, Hazan said.

“Part of what brought so much excitement and so much money in the past was that we had a huge competition,” Hazan said. “That’s something I really wanted to bring back.”

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