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Girls basketball conquers Walter Johnson 49–30

By Ally Navarrete

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The girls basketball team (7–1) defeated the Walter Johnson Wildcats (4–3) 49–30 Saturday afternoon.

The Vikes got off to a slow start and struggled to put the ball in the basket. The Wildcats dominated on both offense and defense, scoring 15 points in the first quarter and containing the Vikes to only three.

During the second quarter, the Vikes started to find their momentum, playing stronger defense and creating more scoring opportunities. The Wildcats remained ahead at the end of the first half, but the game was much closer with a score of 22–20.

After a slow first half, the team increased their intensity on both ends of the court. Guard Jaclyn Morgan had several key lay-ups to put the Vikes ahead. Guard Elyse Lowet had a strong defensive performance, forcing several Wildcat turnovers.

The Wildcats struggled to keep up with the Vikes’ aggressive play and failed to get a decent shot off. The Vikes ultimately won the game, scoring 29 points in the second half compared to the Wildcats’ eight.

The team next faces the Quince Orchard Cougars Monday at 5:30 at home.

Elyse Lowet is a sports editor for The Black & White.

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