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Despite the disappointing season, a packed fall-winter film season is rapidly approaching.

The Black & White’s top 5 movies to see before 2023

By Ben Lammers November 22, 2022

This year has been turbulent for film. However, 2022 started with a bang, with box office successes “Top Gun: Maverick” and “The Batman,” followed by indie darlings like “On the Count of Three.”...

The fascinating take on modern media depicts child stars who go to extreme lengths to stay relevant in today’s online mecca and exposes the darker side of Hollywood that lends itself to the poor treatment of faded stars.

Movie Review: “Nope” shines a spotlight on the dark side of Hollywood

By Jacob Palo November 19, 2022

“Nope” is the latest film to emerge from director Jordan Peele’s creatively dark mind following his directorial debut in 2017 with “Get Out.” The movie further reinforces his abilities as a horror...

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a chaotically entertaining film and the directors’ courage to be boldly absurd pays off immensely.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”: weird in all the right ways

By Jacob Cowan June 14, 2022

On paper, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a terrible idea for a movie: a low-budget absurdist film that attempts to tackle the multiverse with slapstick humor. Toss in aggressive visuals, convoluted...

A Discussion on Foreign Films I The B&W Movie Podcast

By Alvar Wetzel and Alex Schupak April 1, 2022

News writer Alvar Wetzel is joined by senior staff member Alex Schupak to discuss in-depth a myriad of international films. Link here to listen.

The Best Movies of 2021 I The B&W Movie Podcast

By Alvar Wetzel and Alex Spencer January 23, 2022

Welcome to the B&W Movie Podcast! On its inaugural episode, host and B&W staff writer Alvar Wetzel is joined by Whitman senior Alex Spencer to discuss their favorite movies of 2021.

While “Sound of Metal” is fictional, its realism is what makes the movie so compelling; Marder designed the movie to shed light on very real, underrepresented struggles.

Sound of Metal: Silence speaks volumes

By Noey Sheldon May 27, 2021

In a small, overcrowded venue, struggling musician Reuben Stone bangs his heart out on his drums. Performance after performance, the raging rhythms have become muscle memory to him. The crowd screams along...

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