The Black & White’s last-minute holiday gift guide


Eliza Raphael

Here are The Black & White’s top 10 last-minute gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

By Ava Faghani

Last-minute gifts can be a struggle. Trying to find a balance between a heartfelt gift and staying on budget can pose an even greater challenge. Here are The Black & White’s top 10 last-minute gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Flannel pajama pants

There’s nothing more soothing than curling up in a leisurely set of pajamas and enjoying time at home. Flannel pajama pants allow for comfort and style and only cost about $20. Target has my personal favorites, but search until you find the right style. 

  1. Fuzzy or terry cloth robes

Robes are for everyone! For post-shower lounging around, you can treat family and friends to one of a variety of lengths, colors, and patterns of these lavish articles of loungewear. Fuzzy robes are meant for around-the-house wear, while terry cloth replaces the typical, boring shower towel. 

  1. Slippers 

Comfortable house slippers are a staple of typical winter apparel. They’re the most versatile gift of all, with animal-themed slippers, colored, fluffy, slides and an infinite number of other options. I’ve recently seen an uptick in the popularity of fish slippers for both public and private wear. Just make sure that you get your clumsy friend non-slip slippers.

  1. Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are exponentially growing in popularity. The trend started a few years ago with oversized full-length jackets and is now transitioning into cropped, hooded and satin puffer jackets

  1. Nike sweatpants

Nike sweatpants never go out of style, and despite contrary belief, authentic Nike sweatpants can be found for under $50 if you look beyond Amazon. They’re perfect for a winter athlete trying to fight off the cold or anyone trying to up their wardrobe. 

  1. Aerie Flares 

Aerie Flares have stampeded style in 2022. At only $32, they’re durable, chic and come in different colors; it’s clear why they have recently dominated school style. These pants are also perfect for working out or enhancing a loved one’s closets, and the proximity of Aerie store locations means you don’t have to go through the hassle of shopping online. 

  1. Cotton On essentials

Cotton On is a hidden gem when trying to find clothing essentials. The company has affordable soft sweaters, pants, hoodies and any style you could think of for all genders. If you’ve been looking for a cozy and light long-sleeve, look no further than Cotton On. (By the way, these pair perfectly with the Aerie flares and Nike sweats!) 

  1. Water bottles

My favorite affordable water bottle brands are Simple Modern and HydraPeak. Bottles from these brands come in different colors and types: tumblers, with a straw, coffee mugs and many more. If you spot a friend who hasn’t adapted to reusable water bottles, help them out with this sustainable and stylish gift. 

  1. Disposable cameras 

My friends appreciate that I always have a disposable camera during fun events — and your friends will too. Fuji, Kodak and many other brands make quick, fun cameras that have a euphoric tint to their photos and capture unforgettable moments in a way that phones can’t. If your friends always ask how you got that “cool filter” on your photo, a vintage disposable camera may be a perfect gift this holiday season. 

  1. Heated blanket or weighted blanket

Cold winter weather means overcompensating for warmth, and there’s nothing better than finding yourself wrapped in a heated blanket after a long day in the frosty air. If the heat isn’t what you fancy, weighted blankets also bring comfort to enhance the much-needed naps you’ll be taking over winter break. 


From everyone at The Black & White, happy holidays! Now, it’s time to do some last-minute shopping!