Field hockey shut out by Churchill 4–0

By Grace O’Halloran

The field hockey team (3–1) was shut out by the Churchill Bulldogs (4–0) on Thursday in a 4–0 blowout. 

The Bulldogs offense started off hot, scoring early on in the first half. The Vikes tried to keep up with Churchill’s tough defense but just couldn’t handle it. Their offense struggled to move the ball down the field on the Bulldogs strong defense. Later on in the half, Churchill hit the back of the net for their second and third goal, taking complete control of the game. 

The Vikes continued to try to force turnovers but the Bulldogs offense was too quick, scoring their fourth and final goal of the night in the third quarter. 

Due to the unideal field conditions from rain, both teams had a tough time with smooth passes and had to change their the play style and techniques. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs were able to handle the adverse conditions a little better and came away with the 4–0 win. 

The Vikes will play the Northwest Gladiators (3–2) at home on Saturday at 11:30 am and look to get back into the win column.