Photo of the Day, Nov. 10: LGBTQ+ History Museum

By Zoe Cantor

Whitman students gather in the commons area in the new addition to view the LGBTQ+ History Museum that the LGBTQ+ studies class put together earlier this week. The museum was highlighted in today’s OneWhitman session, which focused on educating students about LGBTQ+ history.

During OneWhitman, student panelists from the LGBTQ+ studies course discussed the nuances of sexuality and gender identity, their hope that MCPS will continue uplifting queer voices and the work that the class put into creating the museum.

Photo by Zoe Cantor

Books from queer authors like Walt Whitman are also on display in the Media Center as part of the LGBTQ+ History Museum.

“I have learned so much about the impact of the LGBTQ+ community, specifically with the museum, which was really interesting to research,” said senior Karla Stephan, who’s taking LGBTQ+ studies. “Talking about LGBTQ+ in other countries is interesting, but we don’t usually get to talk about the history and how colonization has a huge impact on what was socially acceptable in terms of gender.”

The museum will be available for viewing until November 12.