Photo of the Day, Sept. 20: sweet treats!

By Lily Freeman

Students crowd by the ice cream truck that parked next to Whitman during lunch this afternoon. Today marked the truck’s second week bringing business to the school this year; the line of student ice cream, smoothie and milkshake enthusiasts has never failed to extend well past the vehicle.

“Is it time yet? I have to stop soon,” the vendor said two minutes before the end of the lunch period. He peered out at the last remaining kids on line.

“But it’s us! You know me!” one student answered, putting his arm around his friend.

The man behind the truck’s curtains — or more accurately, its window — goes by his initials, A.J. He said that the pandemic made earning profits a struggle for him last year, and that selling desserts at Whitman helps him to make ends meet while seeing students smile.

“I’m here, helping out the kids,” A.J. said. “It makes me excited because I’m making a living out of it.”