Second City performs at Whitman, raises money for Post Prom


Photo courtesy Joe Ruffner.

The Second City performed at Whitman on Oct. 17. The Chicago-based comedy company has been home to comedians like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Steve Carell.

By Ben Baisinger-Rosen

The Second City, a Chicago-based comedy company, performed a variety of skits and improvised performances at Whitman Oct. 17 as part of the group’s tour celebrating their upcoming 60th anniversary. PTSA Vice President of Post Prom Alicia Hatcher organized the performance, which was open to the Bethesda community and raised money for Post Prom. Overall, the cast performed around 40 sketches.

The group’s skits were pre-written, but their improvisational games were filled with surprises and energy.

“Sketches are pretty down to a science, although we admittedly do sometimes go a little off the rails,” Second City performer Jackie Southee said. “However, that energy is mostly reserved for the improv.”

Some of the group’s sketches were interactive; in one, they pulled an audience member on stage to improvise with them.

“The Second City is definitely known for audience participation, and this show is no different,” Southee said. “Most of the time it’s just asking for a suggestion to inspire the improv, but we usually have a few other things up our sleeve.”

Though they typically perform for adult audiences, the group was more than willing to put on their show for a high-school based audience.

“Performers who want to hone their talents for a future in TV writing recognize the value of doing a show that needs to have a little more of a family sensibility,” Second City manager Joe Ruffner said. “Every show is an opportunity to practice our comedic chops on a new group of people.”

At the event, seniors could enter a lottery for free tickets to prom. Many audience members enjoyed the humor the show provided.

“It was absolutely hilarious,” junior Zachary Lawrence said. “I would totally recommend the show to other people.”