Making dough: Cookies by Drew stirs up success


Drew bakes several different flavors of cookies including s’mores, oreo, sprinkles, funfetti, chocolate chip and M & M. Her flavor inspiration comes from baking accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Photo courtesy Drew Haas.

By Sammy Heberlee

A dash of flour, a dozen eggs, six bowls of batter, five batches of cookies baking in the oven and a sprinkle of Instagram to finish it off: senior Drew Haas had finally concocted the recipe for her new business, “Cookies by Drew.”

Drew has been baking cookies with her grandma for years, and at the beginning of last summer, her family suggested that she try to turn her cookie obsession into a business. Baking brings back happy family memories and draws her mind away from whatever she’s worried about, Drew said.

“Last year during AP week, I was stressed out and in a bad mood,” she said. “But once I made the cookies with my grandma, I was so happy and in such a better mood. Ever since then,  if I’m ever in a funky mood, I’ll bake.”

With inspiration from her grandma and a push from her family, her new business, “Cookies by Drew,” was born. To promote her business, Drew posts photos of her cookies on social media and encourages her friends to do the same.

“We’re all super supportive of her,” senior Kieley O’Hara said. “Everybody buys from her, and we all tell her how much we love it.”

 After only a few days on Instagram, Drew began receiving orders daily — most popular were her funfetti and monster cookies — from people she had never talked to before. Keeping up with orders quickly became demanding, but Drew continues to bake all the cookies by herself.

“I don’t want anyone else to mess it up,” she said. “I have a whole process.”

Now that school has started, Drew bakes on the weekends. She starts by making a large batch of the cookie dough in her grandma’s old electric mixer, a gift that her grandma gave her when the business began. Using her favorite turquoise spatula, Drew then splits up the dough and adds the different ingredients to make each flavor.

Even though her family doesn’t help with the baking, they’ve grown accustomed to dealing with the clutter around the kitchen. 

“My chores have been upped a lot for the dishes, but we just want to see her succeed,” Drew’s brother Ethan Haas said.

Ethan also helps Drew by taste-testing new flavors. Her most recent flavor, strawberry shortcake, is his favorite. Drew’s whole family tries her cookies, but Ethan is the most reliable taste-tester, Drew said. 

“My dad thinks every cookie is good, so he’s not that reliable, but Ethan will tell me the truth,” Drew said. “I can tell by his face if he likes the cookie or not.”

Drew said she often thinks about the future of the business, hoping to eventually turn it into a family-run store.

“I fantasize every once in a while,” Drew said. “This would be so sick if I kept it going.”