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Senior class election results: Iliad Izadi president, class officers Ellie Block and Molly Rothschild

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Senior class election results: Iliad Izadi president, class officers Ellie Block and Molly Rothschild

By Matthew Proestel

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In a new election Monday, April 29, Iliad Izadi won senior class president and Ellie Block and Molly Rothschild won senior class officers. The election was a redo of Friday’s class elections, where the senior class president race was too close to call. The votes were recorded as coming within a one vote difference between candidates.

Izadi ran on a campaign to bridge the gap between the SGA and the students to make the students feel more involved with school events.

“We’ve had a lot of great ideas in the SGA, but what we need is more student involvement,” Izadi said. “We want to know how the students feel about certain events, if they like it or not, if they would want to participate, or how they think that it could be better. I’m super grateful to have been elected, and I think with Molly and Ellie as the two other senior representatives, next year will be one of the most productive ones Whitman has seen.”

Junior Gabriel Zwillinger voted for Izadi because he felt that, as an outsider, Izadi could make a difference in the SGA.

“I know him very well and I knew that if SGA was something he wanted to do then he would do it really well,” Zwillinger said. “The current SGA is also not transparent. A student who is new to the SGA, I thought, would give a little more transparency.”

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